January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

Ciao tutti!

Well it's a new year! 2016! I can't believe how quickly time flies!
It's been an amazing year! Like seriously I've spent this whole year
in Italy! That just blows my mind to be honest! I'm so grateful for
everything I've learned and for the experiences I've had! I wouldn't
trade it for anything!

This week was pretty normal we had an AMAZING lesson with our
investigator, she is pretty young and we are trying to have her gain a
testimony more specifically about the Book of Mormon. And we were
actually at the train station and she decided to take the Book of
Mormon and open it up and read. And it answered her question! It was
so amazing! Like no matter where you are God answers our prayers! It
can even be at a creepy train station at night ha! So amazing!

This week it's a short letter but I'm doing good! I'm trying not to
think of coming home but I have to say I am pretty excited! I'm
grateful for my Heavenly Father and all he does for me and how patient
he is with me! I know we are all children of God we can return to live
with him again! I love you all and I hope everyone has a great week!

Love Sorella Barazoto
The Sorelle of Palermo!  We run this place.


We climbed a mountain and saw the sea within 2 hours!

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