January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Ciao tutti!

This week in Palermo 2 and 3 was exciting as always ha! Really there
is never a dull moment down in Sicily! Ooohhh how I adore these
Sicilians and their crazy language and culture! That is something so
interesting about Italy is that they are all Italian but have such
pride in being from Palermo or Cosenza kind of like I'm an Arizonian!
But like a lot more pride! Like everyone has there own dialect or
language! I just love it! Be surprised if I actually come off the
plane in 3 weeks. I never want to leave! Ha!

Anyway the work is going well we have a lot of safety rules so there
is a lot we can't do but we see miracles anyways especially when we
are obedient! It's amazing how that works! All we have to do is be
obedient (this is not only for missionaries) and then we receive
blessings and see miracles!

Like how we invite soooooo many people to church and nobody
comes....but we do it anyways and then yesterday we had 3 people in
church!!! We haven't seen any come since I've been here and we had
3!!!! It was a miracle! It's because we keep doing what we are
supposed to do. It's amazing how it works like that!

There are so many amazing members here as well like sometimes people
don't know how to help the missionaries but it's really fun and
rewarding getting them to learn! We've gotten like 2 referrals from
this one member just by teaching her how! It was a really cool

It feels weird to be where I am at because members and other
missionaries keep asking me what I'm doing when I got home and like
the office is talking about travel plans back to Rome and all that
jazz. It just seems so unreal I can't imagine ever leaving this place
because I've been here for so long as I have. I have just fallen in
love with everything! And it's wonderful! But yeah it's weird to think
about being home...I just honestly try not to think about it.

This week I learned a lot about being an example. Being a good example
is one of the best things you can be! Leading by example is even more.
Also with love! I'm trying to be the person Heavenly Father wants me
to be! I know I am not perfect but I search to make Him happy! I love
you all e vi auguro una buona settimana!

Love Sorella Barazoto
Seeing cool churches for pday!

Cute little churches!

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