January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

 Ciao tutti!

We have a miracle! But before I explain that lets talk about the week!

It has been kind of crazy let me explain why....First I hurt my foot
so like I can't walk...well I shouldn't walk...I like think I strained
a muscle on the top of my foot boh! I am not sure...but what helps is
wearing these lovely orthopedics I found in the death closet (closet
of old missionary clothes) and when I say lovely I mean I want to cry
when I put them on. I have stooped real low in these last weeks in the
sense I have tried my whole mission not to wear the typical sister
missionary shoes but I have failed...but that's okay. I guess. So yeah
that has really been difficult considering we walk quite a bit. The
adversary really is trying with me but it's funny because I know
exactly what he is doing so it doesn't work!

We can see Satan attack us and our investigators at every corner! Like
yesterday when we left for church it was hailing and we have to walk
for like 15 minutes to catch the bus ha! Gosh dang it! We were
laughing though! We know what he is doing!

Then the night before that we had a FANTASTIC/ALMOST DISASTROUS lesson
with a new converts sister! And the adversary was working hard on
everyone in that room! It was crazy but by the end the spirit came and
everyone felt peace and the ones who were angry were quiet and didn't
have anything it say! The power of the Holy Ghost is incredible! I
have never promised so many blessings in one lesson but my companion
and I felt it is what we needed to do! It was an amazing experience!

Anyways! The miracle! We are having a baptism! It's AMAZING! And such
a tender mercy! Because my companion and I are both finishing and it's
so amazing because we get to see this baptism! It'll be the day before
we leave Palermo to head back to Rome! It's just so cool! It's
beautiful to see the Lord preparing people to accept the gospel and
change their lives!  And it's amazing how as children of God we get to
help in this work! No we did not find this person but someone else did
a couple of years ago and together over time missionaries have
prepared her so that one day when she was ready she could be baptized
into the church of Jesus Christ! I'm so grateful to be apart of this

Sometimes things happen and my companion and I can't help but laugh
because we are so tired or we've seen it so many times we just can't
help it ha! It's fun being with someone my age in the mission at this
point in it too! We just really understand each other!

I'm getting a bit nervous but I still have time and we still have so
much to do like preparing for a baptism and seeing people and teaching
everyone! Also we need to eat more pizza! Ha! Anyways I'm doing well!
I'm happy and healthy and still grateful for my experiences! But I
love you all and I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Vi voglio bene!

Love Sorella Barazoto
Those shoes...

We hiked a mountain today...actually we took a bus to see a castle inside a mountain ha!

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