January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Ciao tutti!

I'm going to be honest this is slightly weird I know I have a week
left but this next time next week I will be in Rome! That is such a
weird thought! I try not to think about it but then again I can't help
but think about it! Like I'm so excited to go home and apply
everything I've learned in the mission! And I can't wait to do it!
Anyways lets talk about this week!

This week was kind of difficult because all 4 of us sisters were
either sick or injured ha! So it was hard we did a few exchanges but
we are pretty tired also we had a gas leak scare but all is well now!
We taught Daniela who is getting baptized this week! We taught her
quite a few times this week and it was amazing! She is sooooo ready
for baptism! And she is so excited herself which is super cute!

We have seen sooooo many miracles this week and I'm excited to finish
strong and happy! I love you all and I'm grateful that people have
actually listening to me for this year and a half ha! See you all
soon! I hopefully will send a quick email Monday if I find the
time! Buona settimana! :)

Love Sorella Barazoto
We met some cool Slovenian girls! :)

Agrigento! Greek temples!

On the tram to church it was a party ha!

"Before" picture you will see the "after" picture next week!

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