December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

Ciao tutti!

So pretty much this week was awesome but it wasn't fantastic for the
work...but we saw so much good and many miracles!

Monday: after pday we had our ward party and our investigator came!
Love her! Also this family friend of the 2nd counselor came and they
were fellowshipped by everyone it was sooooo awesome! I also had to do
like 2 impromptu musical numbers....hahaha succede spesso...

Tuesday: We had to wait for the heater guy all morning (we have no
heat) so we did a ton of baking. Then we had English Course and we
decorated cookies and it was just a little Christmas celebration. It
was nice

Wednesday: We had DDM (District Meeting) and then we had lunch
together! The senior couple was sooooooo wonderful and they made us
BBQ beef sandwiches! It was AWESOME! Then we went and did this
caroling thing with all the Palermo and Mistretta missionaries for
this YSA's less active dad. It was super cool and we did it at his
work! Which is a castle in Palermo! So sick! Then we had a little
activity with the YSA's

Thursday: THE BEST DAY! (So pretty much today was P-Day because we
weren't allowed to like proselyte) So as a zone we all did Caroling at
Politeama and Teatro Massimo in the morning. We had our investigator
come too! Also there were lots of YSA's and members it was SICK! I
would try and go find but then they would also make me go back and
sing. :( It was super fun though! Then after we all went to eat
Chinese food and give our presents for Secret Santa. I got a dog toy
and a golden aardvark. Then after we all went ice skating! We were all
exhausted! But we loved it! Then for Christmas Eve dinner we went to
our bishops house and he has the cutest kids ever! It was sooooo fun
and we of course at well! Also the bishops wife is from Biella! (Where
the Barazoto's are from!) so we are like best friends obviously!

Friday: Happy Christmas! So we all woke up and gave each other
presents! I love living in a four sister house ha! It was so super fun
to do everything together! And then we headed to our Pranzo
appointment! It was the most amazing thing! First the member we went
and saw is like the strongest member and nobody in her family are
members only her mother who has dementia! Her mother is sooooo funny
too! Anyways her whole family came and after we ate all of the
delicious food we had the most amazing spiritual thought! We talked
about Christ and the Book of Mormon and invited them all to read it
and meet with us! They all seem fairly interested! It was amazing!

Then we headed back to the church and skyped! So awesome! And then we
watched Big Hero 6! By the way that was sooooo cute and I totally
cried! I haven't watched a movie (other than a church film) in a year!
(Because we get to watch 2 films for Christmas)

Saturday: We all want to the church in the morning and played games
and watches our second movie, Inside Out! That one was a tear jerker
too! Gosh dang! It was soooooo cute! I loved it! Then we went out and
looked at churches and cathedrals! And then we Weekly Planned!

Sunday: After church we ate with the African branch and it was awesome
because they are just so awesome! I love them! They are trying to
teach me tweed hahaha! It's and African language! And then we had a
surprise broadcast because Elder Oaks was in Rome and they broadcasted
it to all the other missionaries! It was awesome! He talked about
being an instrument in the Lord's hands and about converting people to
the gospel it was really good!

It was pretty much an amazing week! I'm pretty tired because we had a
lot do to! But it was amazing just spending time with all of these
amazing people here in Italy! I love them so much! I love it here and
I'm happy and though I may only have a month left I know there is
still so much to do! And so many miracles to see! It's seriously
wonderful! And I feel so blessed to be doing this! I love you all and
I hope you have a great week!

Love Sorella Barazoto
Climbing a mountain!

Merry Christmas!

Singing Missionaries!

Skating Missionaries!

Collega Mia!

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  1. Ciao Sorella Barazoto. We are Anziano Garrett's grandparents and we live in Charleston, Illinois. We enjoy reading your blog. We especially loved this entry. We also moved here from Glendale, Arizona in 1990. Now we have a son and his family in Chandler and a daughter and her family in Mesa. We see them often and travel through Gilbert a lot. We have a Sister White from Gilbert serving in ward. We love your pics also. Nonna e il nonno Garrett