December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

 Ciao tutti!

Me ne vado! Sono stata trasferita! I'm leaving! I got transfered! I
got a death transfer! (means your last transfer) I am going to Sicily!
A city called Palermo! I will be with someone in my same group!
Sorella Hansen! We will kill each other! So weird! I will be eating
really good! Booyah! I am pretty sad to leave Cosenza because I have
really grown to love these people and I was hoping to spend Christmas
with them. But that's okay I know I am supposed to be going to
Palermo! And Sorella Hansen and I will shred it up!

Well since you last heard from me not much has happened but we had a
miracle of course! We haven't had investigators in church for it's been pretty discouraging and this week we had 3! It
was such an improvement! We were pretty excited! So it was a nice last
weekend in Cosenza! Something super cool this week though! So if you
know me you know I LOVE cheese like a little too much....anywyas we
went with a English Course student to this dairy farm in a place
called Campotenese and it was BEAUTIFUL! It's in a national park and
it was amazing! Also this farm makes all of the mozerella, ricotta,
and caciocavollo (a cheese that is only made in southern italy) oh my
goodness we got to eat Ricotta like 2 hours after it was made it was
like the most delicious thing ever! The farm is owned by this super
suave guy that is an old friend of our friend! Hookups it was so sick
and then after he took us out to lunch and like it was a really nice
lunch...he also made us like a special cheese called burrata! Perks of
being an american girl hahaha! Literally this wouldn't have happened
if we weren't american ha! It was really delicious I made sure to sit
up straight and put my pinky up as I drank ha! Just kidding....not
about the sitting up straight part.

Anyways! It was super awesome this week because I had a reaffirming
moment while talking to a less-active about the Atonement of Jesus
Christ! It was beautiful to express the love I have for my Savior I am
so grateful for all he has done for me! It was just amazing as I said
it and I honestly knew it was true! It's not that I didn't before it's
just I was reminded of what I already knew! I know he is our Savior!
He suffered for all of us so we don't have to feel pain and sorrow! We
are not alone! I love you all and I hope everyone has a great week!
Next time you hear from me I will be in Palermo! Vi voglio bene!

Love Sorella Barazoto

What a dream!

Master of all cheese.


Oranges!  We picked a ton and made juice out of them!

I love Calabria!  Sorry to leave you!

Went to the mountains!

Ate good food!  Cuddruardri!

Picking holly and's an Italian thing ha!
My favorite Italian couple hahaha

My favorite family!  Their daughter got set apart this week and will be coming to our mission while waiting for her visa to America!

Love this family!

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