December 15, 2015

December 15, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Mamma mia! Hey so I'm in Palermo now! I feel like a crazy world
traveler! Sometimes I would like to just stay still so I can stay and
see the progression of people but it's so cool to go to a new city and
help others to progress! And I've loved each city I've served in! And
I'm excited to serve here even if it's only for 8 weeks! It's amazing
to see how much change can happen in the mission in others and in

As I left Cosenza I was truly sad and it hurt to leave people I was
excited to teach. The family that I found is going to continue to meet
with the missionaries. They haven't been able to see us and me leaving
was an amazing opportunity to go into their home and give them the
restoration! It was an amazing moment and it felt so good to bare my
testimony and share the message of the true restored gospel of Jesus
Christ! And they want to continue to learn! It was amazing! Sorella
Pinnegar and I saw many miracles and I was sad to leave her but it was
a good time in Ostia!

So I headed to Palermo Thursday morning and it was good! It was 6
hours on a train and it was delayed haha of course! So for like the
1st 2ish house I was with sisters but since I was the only sister
traveling into the zone I was only with 3 elders. Mamma mia! It was
fun....dicciamo at least I knew Anziano Chilvers and Anziano Palazzo
so it was just a long ride....the best part was riding over the water
to Messina it was BEAUTIFUL!

Anyways Palermo is awesome! We cover a ward and a branch the ward is
for Italians and the Branch is for English speakers mainly Africans.
It's so awesome! We leave pretty far from our church so we are looking
to move the sisters closer to the area. This area well this ward has
been recently opened up to sisters so they were previously in the
other ward. Let me explain. There is Palermo 1, 2, and 3 we cover 2
and 3 and 4 sisters used to cover Palermo 1. But now we are in 2 and
3! If that makes sense. So it takes about just over an hour to get to
church on a bad day an hour and a half. So we are looking to move
closer ha. Speriamo bene! I love it here and it's awesome! Also to
work with Sorella Hansen is AWESOME! We always talked about Bering
companions while we were in the MTC so we are pumped to end together!

It was sad because I had my last zone conference this week but that's
okay! I have loved everything I've learned and all I've done here and
honestly I still have so much time and it's awesome! I'm excited for
Christmas this next week it has sneaked up on us but I'm pumped to
spend it here in Sicilia!

Anyways I love you all and I'm happy and healthy and just loving
everything! Hope all is well! Can't wait to skype the fam next week!
If I don't email next week MEEEEEEERRRRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)

Love Sorella Barazoto
Collega Mia! Last Zone Conference!

Love my sisters!

The first part of the trip was beautiful! The ferry rider over!

My travel buddies!

They put up all Christmas lights and tree the day before I left Cosenza Yaahhh!

Some of my favorite people in Cosenza!

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