December 3, 2015

December 3, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Ha.ha.ha. Well let's see obviously P-Day was moved because we were
traveling Monday for Specialized Training. So let's go back to last

Tuesday we went to Crotone for district meeting and Thanksgiving with
all those missionaries! We were at the home of a senior couples house!
It was super fun and super delicious! Turkey, Stuffing and all! We
were on pie duty ha! We did Apple and Banana Cream they were actually
pretty good ha!

Then we also had some cool steps in investigators who want to learn
more and invited us into their home as well! We are breaking down lots
of walls of people and it's amazing to see! People want to learn and
it's wonderful to see people wanting to change! I love it!

Ok Thursday! We were spoiled rotten! We went to have Italian
Thanksgiving with our bestie! She spoiled is and we ate so much food!
The menu was:
Antipasto Calabrese
Gnocchi alla Sorrentina
Patate Mpacchiuse
Maialino nero di Calabria
Mille Foglie with cream and Profitterols
Yeah it was so delicious ha! We were STUFFED! I made the pasta,
Handmade! (See photo) it was wonderful!

Those were the highlight of the week! So then this week!

So a miracle! So here if you ask somebody if they need help carrying
something they think you are going to steal there stuff and they like
yell no! Bahahaha anyways we always ask but not once my WHOLE mission
has somebody said yes! But this week somebody did! And we talked to
this lady who knew missionaries like 10 years ago! It was crazy! It
was super amazing though! And a miracle! We had an amazing
conversation about the gospel! It was a cool experience also an
amazing experience of service!

We also had Specialized Training and it was wonderful! I had to give a
training. I talked about Pride/Humility and Working With Members. It
went well I think...hahaha I am not good at doing those but the spirit
really helped me and we all learned together how we can have more
humility and work on working with members! It was awesome! We also
talked about Charity with the ZL's it was a good conference!

All in all it was a good week! It was cool because in English Course
one night they asked about temples so I scratched my spiritual thought
and I read from the family proclamation and I bore my testimony that
families are eternal and we can live with them forever because of
temples! It was soooo amazing! I love that I am given so many
opportunities to bare my testimony! Especially in the most random of
times ha! The spirit is so strong in those moments it's wonderful! All
is well here in Calabria! It's freezing but you know I'm happy doing
what I'm doing! We get transfer calls Saturdayy! We find out if I
stay or go! It's my last one! So weird ha! Anyways love you all have a
great week! You'll hear from me soon! :)

Love Sorella Barazoto!
Le Sorelle!

P-Day at a Castle!

I miss climbing stuff...

Panorama view from the top!

Lots of fun!

All of the gnocchi I made! (Pasta made with potatoes) All by hand!

Antipasto! Buffalo Mozzarella, Green Olives, Salame Piccante, Vegetables Spicy, not nom nom

Patate Mpacchiuse, Maialino Nero, e Piselli

Our cook!


The pasta! Al forno!

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