November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Ciao Tutti!

Ok this week was pretty good! Again it was pretty crazy like normal! I
know I talk about the weeks being crazy as if I don't like it but I do
like it that way to be honest! I just getting really tired from it ha!
But we did a lot and maybe it wasn't the best week for like
lessons...but we were doing a lot of amazing work! Also it flew by!
The weeks are just flying and flying and flying so much faster!

Tuesday we had the conference with all of the leaders in the mission
through skype! It's always super entertaining and it's also nice to
see all of the missionaries all over the mission! It's great! But we
received a lot of direction on how to lead and how to be better
leaders and how to use Preach My Gospel more. A lot of really good
points were hit and it was really nice and you it makes us more pumped
to do missionary work ha! Wednesday we went to Taranto for an exchange
and I was with Sorella Cluff we were in the same district at the MTC
it was SOOOOO fun and it was awesome being with her! It's nice being
with someone as the same age as you in the mission! We talked about
how fast the time has gone and how much we've learned and all of this
stuff. It was super great! I love her so much! Also It was nice to be
there and be able to help!

We had a miracle! It was actually a food miracle ha! We decided to go
try this place for panzerotti to you know see if it was good! And it
was! It was better than the other place HOLLA! Also cheaper which is
even better! But that's not the miracle. The miracle is we started
talking to the girl working there turns out her boyfriend has a book
of mormon and she seems pretty interested! Just a few more panzerotti
and we hopefully can teach her ha! It was pretty cool and you know we
are put exactly where we need to be! .

So it's been really good here and we've seen so many tender mercies
and of course miracles and we receive help everyday! And thank
goodness for it. Because I would not be able to do this alone. There
is just no way. I must trust in my Savior that he first knows what
he's doing and then when I understand that I trust him that he will
help me do it! I think I've said it before but I feel like a puppet
ha! In good ways though all willingly! I'm happy and I am excited to
celebrate Thanksgiving with Italians again ha! It should be fun! I'm
grateful this week for amazing members all over the world and my
companion who does so much for me!
Love you all and hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week and a good
Thanksgiving! And please for my sake don't die on Black Fridayy! PACE

Love Sorella Barazoto
Awkward selfie while eating pizza in Taranto

Skype! It's more fun than it looks ha!

Panzerotti! and Arencini!

P.s. We met the mayor of Consenza ha!

Christmas Market with Silvia!

A Cosenza Christmas Treat!  Cuddruriddri don't ask me how to say it.  It's dialect! Ha!

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