November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Well this week was slightly like normal! It's the only week we didn't travel for the past 2 months! I have so much more energy! But you know this week we travel...ha! 

We did things like FHE with everyone we had lessons and did English Course We had District Meeting. We saw members and Less'Actives, we ate delcious food with people. Actually we had 5 meal appoitments in a row this week! Did I mention I started running? Yeah that's much needed...especially because now Chirstmas is coming and people are already saying things like, "You will be here for Christmas." and we are like ahhhhhh too many inviations! It's a dream ha! 

Also I totall threw out my back! That was funny! Because I went out to run and my back hurt and so we went out and I thought nothing of it and then as I started to run there was some pain then after like 10 seconds I was like okay Sorella Pinnegar I think I threw out my back so we had to go back up ha! And all the people we saw 2 minutes prior saw us walking back and made fun of me because I threw it out hahaha....funny part was that day was Sorella Pinnegar's birthday...and if you know me you know I am not a morning person. So the night before I prayed to be able to remember it because it's so difficult at 6:30...and I COMPLETELY FORGOT! But the man downstairs who makes pastries made us sit down and eat! I think he felt bad for my back! Then we went back up then I realized! Bahaha I felt so bad! But she told me it's okay! I'm tired people ha! 

Also on that day we went to the Stake President's house for lunch and that was sooooo good! There daughter whom I LOVE is going on a mission to Colorado soon! Then we had a gesso (drew with chalk) and after we got gelato and panzerotti! Not as good as Bari but eh good! 

So we have been trying to work with the family that miracle family I talked about a couple weeks back! It has been hard but they have come to English Course and we have seen them in downtown. But on Sunday the son came to church which was WONDERFUL! He liked it a lot and wants to make it for 9 o'clock

Also have I ever talked about Silvia?! She's our angel! She loves americans and she comes to English Course and she loves to spoil us and it's awesome and I love her soooooooooo much! That is who we will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with! Love her! (See Pictures) 

Anyways! I'm doing well! My back is tender but other than that I am well and full of delcious food! Spiritual food as well! I love everything I learn here and how my testimony goes stronger and stronger! I'm happy and just living it up here! I know I am not perfect but I try my best! I feel so italian now! Everyone thinks I am! Sometimes that can't even tell when I talk YES! That makes me so happy! Sono contenta! Anyways love you all have a fantastic week and a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember what you are thankful for!
I am thankful for Panzerotti and Mozerella balls ha! :) 

Love Sorella Barazoto! 

P.S. Hope that email had sense...
Big doors and such! 

Cooking it up! Italian Style! 

Happy Birthday Sorella Pinnegar! The delicious cake Silvia made us! 

Birthday Tiramis├╣! 

Typical Calabrese antipasto! Soooo good and yes mom that is Caviar and fish and I ate it! 

Love us this lady right here!!! :) 

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