November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Well this week was full....hahaha again! We have traveled so much this
transfer it's just crazy! Monday and Tuesday were normal days but then Wednesday
we had district meeting with the Crotone and Catanzaro
missionaries we did transfer predictions and we had a good time
together ha! But then we had to rush to the train station to go to
Rome! So we got on our train to Paola (a cute little sea town!) Then
we caught a train there for Rome ha! We sat next to all these cool
older couples! We talked to this one couple about who we are and it
was such a cool experience! They live in a town at the foot of Mount
Vesuvius! Scary ha!

So we got to Rome and we went to the Office to get our phone...turns
out it's in Reggio Calabria...go look at a map. Our City is Cosenza,
we were in Rome, and the phone was in Reggio Di Calabria...mamma Mia!
So we used the assistants phone because we couldn't run around Rome
without one ha! So that night we spent the night in Rome 3! We had a
party there ha! It was good fun! Then that morning we saw Alessio and
Giulia who are now baptized! I got to talk to them it was seriously so

So then we headed to Ostia to pick up the documents of Sorella
Pinnegar and that was weird! I haven't been there well since I left!
It was a strange feeling! So we went to the questera! And there was a
HUGE line when we got there! Dang we waited then they left
everyone in and it was just a herd of people! Then they yelled at all
of the foreigners and told us to wait we did as we were
told. Then we heard Americans! They had no idea what was going on so
we let them know what they were saying! So we waited and talked to
them in line! Guess where they were from! Phoenix! What the heck?!
Chance chance chance! So they are here on a mission for the
international church of Christ they were so cool! Then this couple
tried coming up and tried going through the wrong door and the guy was
shouting at them to wait in line. Then in a European accent they said
English? So I stepped up to help. They had lost their car keys and
we're just here for vacation. So I told the guy that and he took them
in. And I stepped back in line. Then 2 minutes later he walked out
again and pointed at me and was like tu! And I was like
And he said sì! So I go in a translate stuff for them and all the
documents! It was so cool! I want to do that for the rest of my life!
The Lord really blesses his missionaries! I felt so blessed for the
talent and help he has given me during this time! So cool! Especially
in my birth city! Then we went to English Course and the same crazy
old man was still there ha! And I got to see some old members that I
could actually understand! It was amazing!

Then early the next morning we headed home! We had to meet the Ap's to
give there phone back and then we headed home. I knocked out the whole
way because I was just so exhausted! Then we came home to a full
house! And then I immediately when with Sorella Pinkston to see a less
active she wanted to salute before she left. Then we went and did a
mostra with President and Sorella Waddoups! They are here ha! Well
were here...then they bought us pizza and gave us out transfer call a
day earlier! We are staying the same obviously Sorella Pinkston goes
home! So we are down to two! Holla!

Then Saturday and Sunday were district conference! Calabria isn't a
stake yet so it's still a district. It went super well! And Sorella
Chandler and I had to translate for Sorella Waddoups! It was super fun
I learned how to say sheep fold in Italian ha! And then I sang at it
as well!

It was a crazy week and we excited to not travel! Ha! Thank goodness!
Well I'm doing well! I love my time here! I love Cosenza and I love
everything about the mission! I love you all and hope everyone has a
great week! Remember God loves you!

Love Sorella Barazoto!

Love this crazy girl!

The trio!

Sister Littlefield!  She met Cole at the MTC she is serving in Rome3!

Alessio and Giulia!  I love them!

Rome 3...crazy night!
Cannoli with the Ostia Sorelle!

Going to miss Sorella Pinkston!

Sitting on the same bed and blanket used a year ago!  So weird ha!

Happy Birthday Sorella Tingey!

All the missionaries serving in Calabria! with President and Sorella Waddoups!

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