November 2, 2015

November 1, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Well this week was just crazy! I mean when are the weeks not crazy ha!
It's just life I guess...I've become a little bit too used to this
strange way of living but man I love it ha! #missionaryforlife

So let's start at the top...
Monday we decided to change our pday and we did work and we got stuff
for our Halloween party and saw some less actives and they really
opened up to us! It was amazing! I love helping people renew their
faith in Christ it's so exhilarating!

We had pday on a bus to Taranto ha! It was good we just talked and
wrote emails and stuff. But then we all met up with all the
missionaries in our zone at the church I love zone conference ha! So
we all chatted as we waited to have an interview with President
Waddoups! And then after the assistants pulled us aside and were like
okay your training for zone conference. And me and Sorella Pinkston
were like whaaaa? We thought only the assistants would be doing the
training...because that's what it said. So it was a surprise one! And
we pretty much had to improv! They told us what they would be talking
on. The whole conference was on how to do a proper role play and then
we talked about planning and doing role plays with that. How it worked
out was it was like an inception of role plays ha!

We had the conference! It was cool because before it started with had
this like well it was pretty much a pep rally. And all of us older
missionaries gave stories and experiences. It was super cool! Plus
zone conference was amazing! And our training went super well! It was
slightly scary because we had no idea what we were going to do but it
turned out amazing. Because we were following the spirit as we did it!
It was slightly awesome! Plus Sorella Pinkston gave a great "dying
testimony" it is her last she leaves us on Saturday ah! So weird! Then
we went home on our 4 hour bus...and some not very nice person stole
our phone. I was angry and now we still don't have a phone....

Thursday was a normal day...we had 2 lessons one went okay...the other
was amazing and we were following the spirit and thank goodness!
Because if we hadn't the lesson would have gone real bad! Friday we
prepared for our Halloween party! We decorated and then baked and it
was awesome and the party was a hit! Plus we had karaoke going on! It
was pretty hilarious to watch all the Italians sing their national
anthem ha! Saturday was slow but good! We saw some people! Then Sunday
I had to teach gospel principles. I have to be honest I am more scared
teaching in English than I am in Italian...whoops! I will have to
change that!

All is well here in lil Cosenza! We are sad Sorella Pinkston will be
going home but she has lead a good mission! We will miss her! Also
this week we go to pick up documents for Sorella
Pinnegar...crazy week! All is well I have gotten used to it by now ha!
I just wanted to share what I liked in the lesson I taught Sunday

it was about Profets of God. It's something President Woodruff said
that brings me so much peace.

“The Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as
President of this Church to lead you astray. It is not in the
programme. It is not in the mind of God. If I were to attempt that,
the Lord would remove me out of my place”

That is so amazing that God loves us so much that he would never allow
us to be led astray! And I just love that. I know that President
Monson is a true prophet and that he is the mouthpiece of God! I know
it's true! I love you all have a fantastic week!

Love Sorella Barazoto!
Happy Halloween

Our them!

Our not horrible decorations ha!

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