October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Well I have left my beloved Bari! Yes I will miss it and the people a
lot! But I'm excited for my new adventure in Cosenza! It was super
weird because I was the only one leaving so I had to travel by myself
on a bus! It was super strange! Being alone was weird! I never want to
do it again! So good thing I have 2 companions now ha! I took a bus
along the coast of the "arch of the boot" ha! It was beautiful and I
just couldn't close my eyes!

So now I am here at it is beautiful! It's in the mountains and a bit
chilly so I might die these transfers from the cold ha! Vediamo! My
goodness though we are going to travel a lot this transfer...so today
we travel to Napoli then Rome for a conference for all of the Zone
Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders in the mission. Then travel back
down to home...then we have to go to Taranto and Crotone for
exchanges! And then we will probably have to go back to Rome and
Napoli to pick up documents! Mamma Mia! But it'll be good! I'm excited
for the work I will do here!

Going backwards a bit, I want to talk about my last day in Bari! With
transfers comes miracles. It is always really good for the work when
people leave and new people come in. And for me leaving was a cool
experience to see people I taught at the beginning of my time here or
didn't get to teach at all. And to testify to them the truthfulness of
the gospel! It was amazing and such a cool experience to tell this one
lady who I have grown to love that she will find happiness and peace
from the gospel and she's agreed to meet with the sisters after I'm
gone. It was a fortifying moment of my testimony that no matter who
teaches it doesn't matter. Because the gospel is true no matter what
mouth is preaching it!

Also conference was amazing! I loved hearing the words of our loving
prophet! And hearing from our brand new apostles! How amazing is that
God still speaks to us through a prophet! God loves us and wants us to
know the truth of all things! And we can learn that through his called

Well I'm doing well! I'm excited to do great work here in Cosenza!
Love you all and hope everyone has a great week!

Love Sorella Barazoto
The Family that did so much for me!

My girls!

Cutest little family!

The district

Come un fratello!

Everyone came to say goodbye!

Drive to Napoli

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