October 16, 2015

October 12, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Okay well this week was crazy! Let's start from from the top!

Monday: Was a day of travel! We got up early to take a bus to Napoli
(Naples) and I finally, after years of wanting it, got my Napolitano
pizza! And oh man was it goooooooood! Then we chilled there for a bit
because it was pday! Then we went to the train station to take our
train to Rome so we leave Sorella Pinnegar with other Sorelle there.
Then are train gets delayed...2 hours! So oh my goodness! It was
ridiculous! But we were a fun group! We were in 6! 4 Sorelle and 2
Anziani. And some random guy was hammering one Anziano with a million
ridiculous questions! For like 2 hours! Poor kid! He killed it! Ha!
And then at around 11:30 p.m we got to the trains station...mamma Mia
there is a reason why as missionaries we have a curfew! So then the
assistants picked us up and took us to the villa (mission home). We
got there around midnight and there waiting for us was President and
Sorella Waddoups saying, oh wherever these Sorelle are trouble follows
hahaha! And then we ate kebabs and fries with them ha! We were all

Tuesday: We got up bright and early after not sleeping very much and
headed to the church to get ready for our musical number. There was 4
of us and we sang the EFY medley it was cheesy and great! So we had
our conference! It was amazing! It was all of the leaders of our
mission and it was so cool to see people that I hadn't seen in awhile
or like the whole mission! It was truly awesome! Plus we were super
edified and our boxes were broken of course ha! It was awesome! Then
we headed on a train, this time to Caserta and we spent the night

Wednesday: And then in the morning we headed to Napoli got another
pizza :) And then we picked up our companion and then we got on a
train to Cosenza then we got home and died. We were wiped out ha!

Thursday: We had DDM! Then later in the day one of my companions got
sick so I did a member exchange so I could go to English Course! That
was crazy! It was fun also the member I went with is sooooo awesome!
She is about to go on a mission to Colorado pretty soon!

Friday/Saturday: We did some finding and we meant some investigators!
They are from Nigeria and are siiiiiiiiick!

Sunday: We had church....it's a branch and it's pretty small...plus I
had to translate through sacrament meeting which is pretty hard. I
haven't had to do it up until this point, the hard part is remembering
the words in English ha! I understand everything but now I can't speak
my own language ha! Then I taught gospel principles. And then I
translated in relief society which is a lot easier! So my head hurt by
the end of the morning!

After that we had Pranzo with our investigator! His wife is a member
and he is soooo adorable! He's like your slightly older dad, not quite
grandpa kind of guy. And the way he shows he cares is by FOOD! Mamma
Mia did he feed us! A LOT! It was gooooood but I came out in pain ha!
Then we visited some less-actives and it was a pretty successful day!

And today we explored old town! Sooooooo cute! Mom you would die! It's
seriously the cutest thing ever! Plus this old lady stopped us and we
started talking to her and she showed us her beautiful home ha! I love
old Italians they are seriously the kindest people ha!

Well I'm happy and still enjoying that spiritual punch from general
conference! Loved it sooooooo much! Anyways I'm doing great! I'm
exhausted from the traveling! And we get to do more this week as we go
to Taranto for an exchange but hey all is well! I love it! I love
being busy! I love doing the Lord's work here in this place called
Non ci sono le parole per esprimermi! Non posso lasciare questo posto!
Rimane sempre nel mio cuore! Ma ancora c'รจ tempo! Non devo pensare a
quel giorno! Ahhhhhh!
I love Italy everyone! The more I am here the more I love it! I know
it's because I'm where I'm supposed to be! And I'm grateful for this
opportunity! I love you all and hope everyone has a great fall break!
And I will be here enjoying an actual fall! Ha! #ArizonianForLife #VVB

P.s. Hope it makes sense I didn't go through to check ha!

Sorella Barazoto
Italy Rome Mission
My traveling companions! Late night train rides...

We were pretty tired by the time we rolled up...

The most amazing woman! Love you Sorella Sutton!

My companion for English course!

It's beautiful! And I'm in love!

The charm!

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