October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Another week has past of being a missionary! Sometimes it seems so
surreal. Especially here in Cosenza! I absolutely love it! My life
before this seems like a dream and everything is hazy. So please
forgive me if I have forgotten you I blame it on the missionary veil

This last week was not as quite crazy as the last...we went to Taranto
EARLY Wednesday morning. And by early I mean our bus left at 4:50!
Mamma Mia! Anyways it was awesome going back to Puglia! I love Puglia!
Plus Taranto is gorgeous and it was by the sea so I felt right at home
:) Also there was a beautiful castle! My exploring side was itching to
go see ha! But I had the amazing opportunity to spend my time with the
lovely, elegant, Australian, Sorella Davison! I love her accent and we
became besties immediately ha! We had a scambi miracle! We went to go
find an old investigator that was golden. We could not find her! And
the number was inactive...but we kept looking and we eventually found
her home after walking an hour in a half...she wants the Sorelle to
come back and her son was super interested as well! Love miracles and
I love being able to see them right in front of my eyes! It was a
great scambio! We were protected and loved and we had a great time! :)

So this week I as feeling kind of giĆ¹...because for our leadership
conference they challenged us to pray and find a family...which can be
difficult. So I have been praying and slowly the work has died and we
are down to literally nothing. And as a missionary that really blows.
So I was praying super hard to find this family I know the Lord is
preparing. Last night we did a little mostra (I really don't know the
term in English...) anyways we set up post and started talking to
people. I talked to this one lady who was super nice and thanked me
for what I was doing but wasn't interested and then you know the
really rude and disrespectful teenagers...the usual ha! But then I
stopped this couple. They were a bit out of the way and My eyes were
just guided to them through the crowd. I started talking to them
saying who we were, they looked at me all confused saw my name tag and
realized who we were! They had met with the Sorelle 8 years ago! And
they had left a huge effect on their life! We talked for 45 minutes
and I teared up multiple times because they literally recited back to
me the plan of salvation and I was like you are right! You are soooo
right! They explained how they are looking for the truth and good
friends and I was like YES! YES! YES! I could barely control myself
and the spirit was telling me if you don't get their numbers you will
regret it! Then they asked me for mine ha! They want to meet with us!
They want to come to church! They want to introduce us to their
family! I felt so good the entire time! We are so excited to work with
them! I know that God is preparing people for us. I know that he loves
his children and he wants all of US to have the truth! And not just a
part of it, because many churches have a part of it, but the fullness
of it! That's what this church is! The fullness of the gospel of Jesus
Christ RESTORED for us in these last days! We must prepare! He is
calling out to us to repent and accept Christ into our lives! I'm so
excited that one day we can ALL live with him again! I know it! I know
it's true! And that's why I'm here. I love you all and I hope everyone
has a great week!

Love Sorella Barazoto
Love this cute little city!

Taranto! It's such a beautiful town!

I got a little artsy!  I miss the water! I swear I was a mermaid in another life!

Failed attempted of taking a picture...but I flipping love her!

CASTEL! lo amo!

Singing/Signing the national anthem with an Anziano from Canada...he knew all of the words. #americanswag

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