September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Ciao tutti! 

Okay...let's start out with the news of transfer calls. So every 6 weeks on Saturday morning we get that horrible call if we stay or go! And that call came! It was so stressful because I don't want to leave Bari. But here is the news I am going to Cosenza in Calabria! I will be in a trio with a sister in her last transfer (Sorella Pinkston my home slice!) and Sorella Pinager (who I do not know because she is new!) Sorella Pinkston and I will be the sister trainer leaders! Holler! Which is a lot nicer to do it with someone! I'm not going to lie I'm pretty sad to be leaving Bari! But I am excited to have a new adventure somewhere else! There are new and other people for me to teach in Cosenza and I can't wait to find them! 

Other than that lets keep talking about the low down on Bari Poggio Franco! We have been running around all week so we are pretty tired! We were distracting ourselves from Transfer calls ha! But we got a lot done! Plus we saw many people it was great! 

One of our investigators is progressing so much and he will probably get baptized next week! We hope! I won't be here but all is well! We had an awesome activity with all of the YSA's and we ate bbq! And by bbq I mean horse that was grilled...oh my goodness it was so good! That would be my second time...ha! I feel so sad when I do eat it! 

Well everyone this Thursday I will be starting a new transfer in a new city! It feels weird but I'm excited! I know the Lord sends us where we need to be and  it's truly amazing! I'm so tired but I'm loving life! Ha! It's just how it works! I'm doing well and I'm happy! The church is true God's love is real! I'm awesome you are all awesome have a great week! 

Love Sorella Barazoto 

P.s. Sorry my English is horrifically bad! 
Selfies! We were doing an exchange that day! 

One of the YSA's got her mission call to Milan! She is awesome! And she is going to be a fantastic missionary! 

Everyone meet Sorella Pepe! 

I hate saying goodbye to people! 

My favorite old couple! Cutest people in the world! 

Chi sono i mormoni? Group finding! 

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