August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Ciao tutti! 

Okay peeps! Let's start at the very beginning! A very good place to start! 

We've got some sick changes with transfers this week! 

Monday was pretty chill we went a visited a bunch of contacts and some membri it was pretty chill! We talked to this one contact, we are so American we brought brownies ha! Anyways it was an amazing she was super interested and wants to read The Book of Mormon and everything! Swag! 

Tuesday was pretty crazy we had our district meeting in a little town outside of Bari called Bitonto it's it our district and there is a branch there. So we went there for a change for our meeting. About the end of the meeting we started hearing thunder and we were like uh we ended and looked outside it was POURING! Like dumping rain! It's a small town so the draining system doesn't work...oppure non c' we had to walk/run for 15 minutes to get to the train station...the streets were so flooded! Like the water almost hit my knees! Not lying! The Italians were like y'all are crazy! I mean yeah we were but we needed to catch our train ha! Literally there was like 10 of us American missionaries running through the rain ha! Funny sight! We all felt like we were in a third world country or something ha! It was so much fun though we were all laughing so hard! Then our train was late and we froze from the air conditioning ha! Then we saw a sweet member with adorable children and then we went to English Course! 

Wednesday we had a lesson in the morning with an investigator who is progressing at a good pace we love him! We have challenged him to read The Book of Mormon in 60 days and we are doing it with him! I'm doing it in Italian and it's sick because I understand like everything now! Almost ha! Then we went to Foggia for exchanges with the Sorelle there! Gotta love Foggia ha! I was with the greenie! Gosh I love greenies they have such a fire! Her name is Sorella Andersen I love her! She is killing it! She has so much faith! Plus we were also with Sorella Decker again ha! And we got to sleep in air conditioning. Yessssss! So nice! 

Thursday we finished our scambio and we went home. It's about 2 hours and man it was so hot on that train because it was mid day mamma mia! But we got home drank some water and we were fine ha! Then we had a lesson before English Course! È andata bene! Then we had English course it was cool and then this course student brought her guitar she wants us to help her learn better so we are going to help her and of course throw the gospel in! 

Friday we did another scambio with Sorella Tapia and Sorella Rackham I was with the greenie again! I loved it ha! We saw some people and we did some good finding and teaching together! Slla Rackham is so brav! She speaks so well! We are so proud of her! Love these greenies!

Saturday! Transfer calls! So we received transfer calls from President Waddoups! I am staying here in Bari Poggio Franco! I am now the sister trainer leader and I am getting a new companion Sorella Dew! She's awesome I knew her before in Rome! She is a transfer younger than me so it'll be good! I'm excited! Sorella Barona is going back to her first city and is training! I'm so excited for her! Also the Zone Leaders are going to be in our ward now which means we have the car holla! And they are awesome, Anziano Pace (From AZ! I'm so pumped!) and Anziano Clasby (that I don't know but heard is cool!) Also that day was the big festa of August! Where nobody is home and such so we had the grand opportunity to deep clean the house! It was intense! Scrubbing floor boards and dusting and wiping out everything organizing! Ect....ect... And then I tackled the fridge! There was seriously like a wall of ice covering the back wall! It was like an inch or 2 thick! It took me like over an hour to scrape everything out! I wore gloves and everything! Plus I had my duck dynasty shirt on to give me strength ha! 

Sunday it was good! So here is the big miracle of the week! So people who know me know that I am not exactly perfect at the sight reading...anyways! Literally like 2 minutes before church starts the counselor comes up to me and was like can you play the piano for us? Because there is one man who can play in the ward and he wasn't there...ahhhhh...I had no time to change it to choose the right or like sweet hour of prayer! Gahhhh! Anyways I went up there and was like well let's test my faith! And I did it! All four! I sight readed them all! I think I underestimate my ability to play the piano but I really am not super good at sight reading! It was just a little miracle and slightly awesome!

I mean I didn't play perfectly but I think music is super important in meetings and everything because it just brings the spirit so strongly! I just love bearing my testimony through song I feel like I can put my whole soul into it when I do. It's just another way I can praise my loving Heavenly Father! This is one of my favorite scriptures.....
In Doctrine and Covenants 136: 28 it says 
If thou art merry, praise the Lord 
with singing, 
with music, 
with dancing, 
and with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving.

And when I am happy and I am grateful for the things I have, all I can do is praise my almighty God! Especially when he gives me so much strength in my everyday life! And there are so many ways we can do it! I am happy with where I am! I never want this to end and I am excited to start a new transfer with a new companion! I love you all and I hope you all have a great week! 

Buona settimana! 
Love Sorella Barazzotto 

P.s. The eye is fine just a beautiful scar above it! 
This is the family that did everything for me! I love them! (Can you see my sandal tan line? Ha!) 

In the Fog! 

The big chunk out of the fridge! 

This is what happens when you get stuck in a rainstorm/flood with dyed leather shoes....carrot feet! 

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