August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Ciao tutti!

So this transfer is going to be sick!! My companion is awesome! She is
flipping talented! She was in Young Ambassadors and she was on
Broadway and we love talking about musicals it's great! We are pumped!
Plus we've got great Anziani in our ward one is from AZ yes!!!

Anyways this week we saw a bunch of members to like say goodbye for
Sorella Barona and lots of people went out of town for like this last
part of summer but it was still a good week! It was just sad to say
goodbye to so many great missionaries :(

But I love this new district! It'll definitely be a great transfer! I
don't have a bunch to report this week but this week we have zone
conference and our skype conference for all the leaders of the
mission. I have to give a training for our zone conference so that'll
be interesting....hope all goes well plus I have to sing as well!
It'll be great I can do it! Ha! The theme is fear not so I am really
excited to give it!

I just want to express my love for Italy! I just love the people here
and I love everything about it! There are just no words to describe
it! I love preaching the word of God it's just unreal! I may be
exhausted but man am I happy! Well love you all have a great week! :)

Love Sorella Barazoto

P.s. Sorry if this was a little unorganized
Our Napoli pizza guys!

Saying goodbye to Sorella Barona

Some great Anziani having their first Panzerotto!

Pasta with Buffalo Mozzarella from Battipaglia

The Poggio Franco crew!

Italy is just beautiful!

Trani is beautiful!

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