August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

Ciao tutti! 

Ok so just so everyone knows and understands really well I am much better! I don't have to wear an eye patch! I don't look like a pirate! And people don't look at me funny ha! I might have a scar on my face, but oh well! I definitely learned a lot from that experience. Plus the jokes that came out of it were sooooo funny! My favorite was when I was reading and I read eye single to the glory of God ha! Not eyes but eye! Bahahaha I was cracking up about that! My eye was single to the glory of God! 

Anyways this week was hot hot hot. Plus like you literally would just stand and start like sweating for no reason! It was great....everyone saw my sweat stains ha! I mean I guess everyone has them so it's like the new trend you could say :) 

But wow we saw some miracles! We didn't see a lot of people but that's ok! It was a week of passing by and visiting who we could. Because literally nobody is in town it's about to be a holiday like the big one here! Like so big we do deep cleaning our apartments on that day ha! 

So after district meeting we were walking home with the other Sorelle and we saw these people walking in front of us totally lost. Then they turned around and were like sisters! And we stopped and were like waaaaah? English speakers? It was this couple from New Zealand! They looked so happy to see us! They had no idea how to get to their hotel! Turns out it was like a 45 minute walk and there was no bus to get we called a member and they got a ride. It was sooooo cool! They were the coolest and it just felt so good to be helping someone like that! I love serving! And it was cool because they probably wouldn't have been able to find it...but luckily we were exactly where we needed to be! Isn't it funny how the Lord works like that? Then we got Chinese take out and it was dang good! 

We had like a good lesson with one of our investigators he is so ready but can't come to church until September....and there is no transportation on Sunday morning from where he we need to get some member help! Also on Thursday we did exchanges and I got to be with Sorella Decker!!! It was so cool to be with an old companion! It was so normal except for the fact we weren't so young in the mission and we could actually speak ha! It's crazy because we are like the oldest sisters in the mission now! It's crazy! Also that day was my year's been a year since I entered the MTC super strange! 

So there is a member who lives in our building she's in the other Sorelle ward but she's like our aunt! But for language study we go there and she has been helping us out sooooooo much with the language! It's such a blessing! Have I ever talked about how amazing this ward is?! I mean just like Bari in general! The people here are truly amazing! They are so strong and are such an example to be of hope and faith! Gosh I love them! Especially with my eye problem they were all calling to make sure I was okay! They were all praying for me I just felt so much love from them! Both of the wards were so loving about it! We saw some members from the other ward on the street yesterday and they immediately were like how's your eye? Everyone here is just so genuine! I love Bari! 

Also we had a really cool Mostra last night! We put down a bunch of pictures of Christ and asked who is this? And we stopped people we did it as a district and it was soooo fun! We just talk to so many cool people really! We get to know different people on the street and it's just so amazing :) 

Well family and friends and anyone else reading this...the church is true and the work goes on! Even if it's 100 degrees outside with 100% humidity! My testimony is the same or really even stronger. There are so many moments where we just don't know what to do, and it's just so hot, and we literally are soaked. But in those moments we really feel our Saviors love and we know we are doing what we are supposed to be. We know sometimes our efforts go unseen and unnoticed and it may not seem like we are doing much at all on paper. But we are fulfilling our purpose as representatives of Jesus Christ! We see miracles we see people change and we invite others to come unto Christ! I love what I do here and hitting a year was so strange I still feel brand new and like I have no idea what I am doing but man do I love it! I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father! Io so che questa chiesa ė vera! So che ė stata restaurata per noi in questi gironi tramite un profeta! So che noi possiamo avere la felicità nella nostra vita se cerchiamo di venire a Cristo e fare il nostro meglio! Sono felice e contenta di fare la mia missione qui in Italia! Vi voglio un mondo di bene! Buona settimana! 

Love Sorella Barazzotto 
District meeting! Our airplane killed it! :) 

Saying goodbye at the train station! Do you like my eye patch? 

The district!!! 

Le Sorelle Missionarie! 

For our year mark they made us a delicious lunch Italian style! 

Pasta Siciliana!

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