July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Ciao tutti!!!

Oh my goodness this week was crazy! First of all Sorella Vickers is
gone. She left this morning. Quite early actually we are pretty
tired...anyways...I just want to say how much I have loved this last
transfer. This transfer went by fast and it's just crazy to be honest!
I have loved this last district we are all such hard workers and we
all work together with the work. I love that because when we are in
unity it really just makes everything run smoothing and almost
beautifully! But also I have loved the Sorelle I've lived with!
Sorella Vickers finished her mission and she finished it strong! I
just want to brag about her because she is so amazing! Her strength
and willingness to serve is such an amazing example to me! But she is
amazing and we are going to miss her!

Another this me and Sorella Barona are staying together for another
transfer we are working hard and just do working and having fun while
doing it! Sorella Tapia is getting a greenie! So we are going to have
greenie power in the house holler!!! And then Anziano Hansen left and
the biggest and strangest change is all of the Anziani are staying the
same...like no one else is leaving or coming in...there is going to be
a trio for both wards so that'll be fun plus it looks like the Anziani
will go more to the other ward so we will be the main missionaries in
our ward crazy right?!

This week we got 3 new investigators! Holla! One is an old
investigator she met with missionaries awhile ago and then we have
someone else from our English Course and then this really cool kid we
met on the street! Anyways things are looking up!!! We are trying to
build up everything and

Also we celebrated a great 4th of July by representing in our red
white and blue! And eating burgers at Burger King ha! It was awesome!
We went around singing and stuff!

But everything is great here! The weather is hot...but we are handling
it ha! I really love it here and as a new transfer starts I just like
to reflect on my last one and what I can do better. I know I am not
perfect. And if you know me well you'll know that I am in no way
humble ha! I try to make the best out of every transfer and be the
best. But I am happy for my growth! And I know I can't do it alone
either! With Christ on my side I can only do more! I love you all have
a great week!

Love Sorella Barazzotto
Learning how to make pasta! With Maria and Rocco

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