June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Ciao tutti!

This week was awesome the most amazing thing that happened was I met
my Italian family but I will get to that later.

Another really cool thing but slightly under whelming because of how
cool it was to meet my Italian family. You got iPads we had the zone
conference this week and we had a bunch of amazing talks about course
how we can better the mission and how to use our iPads effectively and

So then the next day he decided to use our iPads effectively and we
went to the park and we showed videos of because of him. It's an
awesome video go watch it! And we talked to really awesome people.

And then Gianmarco came home! We really missed him. We also went to
Bitrito again and did so much work in the registry! It was amazing!
Then we went and saw a member she is so brava! And we talked about how
we could help the ward more! It was awesome and I love working with
the members here! I have gained such a testimony if that because when
we work with members the work is so much easier! Help your

We were kind of get a lot of cancelled appointments and it was a bit
of a more ruff week...and then Thursday tonight we got a call that I
was not expecting to get. On the phone was Maria her husband is Rocco.
Grand mother is my great great grandfather's sister. It was my family.
I really couldn't believe it! I was shocked! Then on Saturday we went
to Matera and met them! It was a dream! I finally, after so many years
of wanting it, met my Italian family! It was like I already knew
Rocco! We were are like old friends! It was so special and it will be
a memory that I will always hold close to my heart!

I know that I am not in Bari by chance but I was called to be here for
specific reasons and I am so grateful for that. I know that the things
I do here matter. And the people I talk to I love and care about more
than words can describe. We are ALL children of God and the sooner
people know that the better! I know and understand God's plan for me!
I know that part of his plan allows me and gives me the most wonderful
opportunity to live with my family for eternity! I can live with my
family and God and his son Jesus Christ, in peace and happiness for
eternity. His plan is perfect and I know it is true. It gives me hope
everyday. Everyone I love you all have an amazing Independence Day!
God Bless the U.S.A.!

Love Sorella Barazzotto
Us with the YSA's eating delicious food! Panzerotti!

Io, Maria, Rocco, e Luigi! La mia famiglia!

Poggio Franco missionari! Selfie!

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