June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Ciao tutti! 

Ok so lets go through this week!

Monday night we did an FHE with some English Course families and it went amazingly! We had a member family there, and me and Sorella Barona taught the Plan of Salvation it was so fun teaching it to kids and families! It was amazing! They really liked it as well! Then we all played a game and then we had a sweet by us and we made the most delicious brownies oh my goodness they where delcious! But it was seriously amazing and we are so happy it happened we hope to make the family who came investigators today when we do another one holla! 

Okay so Tuesday we had DDM with all the other missionaries and then we praticed this thing....so the other ward, Libertà, asked the missionaries to do a presentation dance of the Plan of Salvation...and we were like waaaa? But they had done it a couple of years back like 2 decades ago hahaha and they wanted us to do it again so we got premission! So we praticed for that! Then we went and saw a member in the hospital he is the sweetest man ever and we sang him a hymn and talked for a bit and talked to some other people there. Then we went to our English Course! And then after we got Panzirotti (delcious fried food!) One amazing thing about Bari is the Panzirotti!

Wednesday It rained....a lot! We went a visited some less actives! And then we found a lost member that the Anziani had been looking for! We were running around all day and we had this cool little miracle! 

Thursday the Foggia Sorelle were here and we went and did some intense archive work with Sorella Vickers in this old church to get a bunch of this documents recorded and then we saw another less active and then we had a lesson with Giuseppe! He is so cool! He has been coming along! He really has such a big heart! And then we had English Course and then we had another Panzirotto....I kid you not they are so good hahaha! 

Friday we planned and we spent all day setting up this activity and practicing! So this is how it went down! So I wrote a song about the premortal world and I sang that then we danced to the song from lilo and stitch about the earth life and then I mashed the spirit of God and God be with you till we meet again but changed some of the words! To represent the Celestial Kingdom it really was amazing! We had like 45 contacts between all 10 of us missionaries! The wards loved it and everyone was really touched! It was really fun and really cool to use our talents in that way!

Sabato and Sunday We saw lots of part member families and it was really special because me and Sorella Barona where really humbled with all of the people that we met and saw! Are hearts where just so full of love! 

I just love this area so much! I love all of it's qwerks and cool things! I love the people it's overwhelming because my heart just isn't big enough to love them all! I do this work everyday and sometimes I am so tired and I feel like nothing is working then I realize how much I love these people and I know I can't stop or slow down because they need the gospel they need the hope that they can live with their families for eternity! I love this work and I love you all! 

Vi voglio un sacco di bene!!
Sorella Barazzotto!
Best district ever!!!!

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