June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Cool things this week!

First things first I ATE MUSSELS FROM A CLAM!!! If anyone knows me they know that anything that comes from the ocean (well here it's the sea) makes me freak out! And I ate it and I LIKED it! Wow the mission really has changed me ha! 

So also the Bari Libertà Ward (the other ward here in Bari) They are having an activity and and they want us as missionaries to do a presentation of the plan of salvation whilst singing and dancing so I am translating and writing stuff in italian and it's really hard haha pary for me! It'll be interesting! But it'll be fun! the Anziani are really getting into it ha! Hopefully there will be a video! 

Also we started to teach an old investigator Giuseppe he is younger and he is awesome we are trying to help him strengethen his faith in God so we will go pian piano with him! 

So this week I did a scambio with Sorella Vickers she goes home at the end of this transfer and we went to this little town outside of Bari called Bitrito. That is where her italian family is from we went into these archives to find family names these books were older than the declaration of independence!!! Like 1600!!! Names of babies and everything! And I held them in my hands!!! It was amazing! 

Then we saw Elena someone we have been trying to see since I got here! She is amazing and super talented! We talked to her and just tried figuring out what she needs right now. I love her!

Then we had a Blitz with the other missionaries and we all did finding at the same time and came together at the end! It was hard and nobody really wanted to talk to us...but we still felt so much love from our Heavenly Father while we did it even if nothing super amazing happened.

So last night we had another miracle we went to go meet a contact and there were let but we ended talking to this young girl and wow it was the most amazing expereince she was so wise and just really gets it. It was so cool and we know we were meant to find her and we hope that she sees that as well! It was amazing! What a miracle!

Anyways sorry my letters have been short I will have a good letter next week I promise with a funny story or something ha!

But I love it here and I love what I am doing! Yes on Wednesday we walked straight 2 hours in the blazing sun and nobody was home and we were really tired after but wow it was amazing! I don't know why but it just was ha! Everyone be happy that's all I ask! When you are happy everything just seems easier! It's the truth! Love you all have a a great week!
Poggio Franco Missionari! Killing it in Pogliano!


So beautiful!!!

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