June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015


So we don't have ipads, at least not this part of the mission we will get them at the end of the month ha! We are literally the last group! 

But anyways Bari is beautiful! We literally walk like 4 hours a day because there are no buses (hallelujah!!!!) I hate buses ha! But it's getting pretty hot and humid and my hands are swelling up so badly hahaha! I look like Aunt Marge from Harry Potter! Ha! Anyways the food is delicious and just like I can't explain it. I love it! I had a pizza made by a man from Napoli it was so good! Oh my goodness!!!  But yeah it's hot....and will only get hotter...I am getting super tan ha!

Anyways so this week we sadly sent off our New Convert who got baptised this last Saturday because he is going to work for his dad so sad!! But he is coming back soon! 

So something that they do here is use a specific tense for their past tense it's called past remote and it super difficult ha! It's what they use in the scriptures and it's meant to be for like things that happened a really long time ago but they use it for things that happened like 10 minutes ago! It's so funny because it's not proper but I am learning it so I can understand it and use it now! It's a hard tense but I can use it now in lessons and sometimes in conversation ha! 

So I have 2 amazing miracles for the week!!!

So we went and saw some members before English Course super cute! But then like we were running late and we decided to take the bus, and we waited at the bus stop and started talking to this lady and she called her friend over and we started talking to both of them! I asked her where she was from and like Matera, and i was like well my family is from Salandra and she was like those are really close. And I asked her if she knew any D'Alessandro's and she was like my mother is a D'Alessandro!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! We were like oh my goodness we are like related!!!!!! (We think) we are going to do some family history together and figure this out! Oh my goodness it was the coolest thing ever!!! So now we are teaching them!!! It was the most amazing thing ever! Like how amazing is that! I might find my family!!! God is so amazing!!!

The other miracle was yesterday. We were going to see someone and they ended up not being there and it was super far and we ended up like walking for 2 hours...and it was kind of not very fun. And we were talking and then we decided to go stop by the train station to check train times for P-day and there was a man there who helped us and then asked us who we were. And then we went on to have the most amazing conversation about God and how he exsists and responds to our prayers. And I promised this man that if he prays he would receive an answer. He was touched and agreed to meet with us and learn more!!!

Family and friends! This life we have is so amazing! God really wants us to be happy. As missionaries he puts us exactly where we need to be. So we can find and we can teach and we can being people unto the beautiful teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He is an amazing person with a humor ha! But I know he is there and he responds to my prayers and yours as well. I love him and I know he loves me because he sent his son to this earth so we can live with him again. I know that's true with all my heart!

I love you all and I hope everyone has a great week! My brother gives his farwell talk this week and reports next week! We will have 2 missionaries out in our family! How amazing is that!!!!! 

Love Sorella Barazoto
This is a Napoli pizza (well as close as I can get ha!) It was so good! There was riccotta in the crust!

We did a blitz this week in a place called Andria then we got Gelato after because it was so hot!

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