June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Ciao tutti!!!

Okay well since the last time I have seen you guys a lot has happened I will first talk about my last days in Rome. So for our last p-day we walked around Rome, got a gelato, and then went to Villa Borghese and of course that is beautiful! And as a district we all just hung out and dropped Anziano Kenney off at the Villa because he went home. Poor kid ha! He was a good missionary!

So then Monday night we went to FHE with the YSA's and Giulia and she brought her friend Martina and it was awesome and it was really cool and hopefully a good expereince for Martina! Then Tuesday and Wednesday we saw lots of people and did lots of packing (I have accumulated a lot of things...whoops ha!) I am really going to miss Rome 3 I really really really left my heart there. I loved those people and I really changed a lot and grew in so many ways. But I am so grateful to see and do new things!!! 

Thursday...transfer day so we had to be at Termini at 7 my train wasn't until 8 so we waited and chilled helping all the other missionaries get on their trains! But the assisstants were late and they had all of the tickets and luggage so we all had to sprint across Termini (it's is NOT small) and we grabbed all of the luggages and lunches and sprinted back so people could catch their trains with their luggage ha! It was a little nuts-y but it went all well! Then I left...which felt so unreal that I was actually leaving Rome ha! So Sorella Decker (old companion) was there then Sorella Klug (another old companion) was there and the Sorella Barona (my new companion) was there and we all went down together! It was a short train ride here, which was nice. Then we came back unpacked, then we saw this really old member super cute, Sorella Pepe! And then we taught English course super fun!!! I was pretty tired...then we had correlation after Corso with a member, Ruben who served with Grandma and Grandpa in England soooo cool!!!

Friday we did some awesome finding and got 3 awesome potentials with numbers and all and then we saw an investigator who would be getting baptised the next day, Gianmarco! He is SOOOOOO cool!!! So I was leaving a baptism but coming into one! Which was nice ha! Then we did a lot of planning for the baptism! And I can't remember what else...my memory is bad...and I forgot my old planner sorry!

Then Saturday we saw Gianmarco and talked about that night!!! And then we did weekly planning in the church because we had to fill up the baptismal font...and about 2 huors in we realized it wasn't going to fill up fast enough hahaha....so we started getting buckets and dumping water in hahaha! For a good 2 hours....then I started to say wow we really need some man power! Anziani! And then literally 2 seconds later they walk in hahaha! The church is true! So they started to help us THANK GOODNESS!!! So we got it filled to a decent amount and we had a beautiful baptism I played the piano all the missionaries sang and it was beautiful. Plus Gianmarco is amazing and is going to do amazing things in the church!

Sunday! We went to church. THIS WARD IS HUGE!!!! And AMAZING!!!! I love it! They are all solid and so cool as well! So in this ward we have pranzo every Sunday which members it's sooooo cool that the ward does that! So we will get fed everySunday. Now I know why this area is wanted by all the missionaries! We went to the Santoro families house...oh my gosh the food was sooooo good and they were hilarious!!! There son served in England and he was cool they have 2 other kids and they are an awesome family!!! Then we saw some potentials and some other members and it was awesome!

Okay I love this area, yes I miss Rome but it's jsut different here. The food oh my goodness I was missing out ha! Panzarotti, Focaccia! I am in heaven haha! I pray I won't get fat ha! But it is beautiful here, we don't live super close to the ocean we can totally walk there in 20 minutes but we get the nice breeze! Let me explain our district

There is us, the Bari Poggio Franco Sorelle 
with Anz Hansen and Blaylock who are the Poggio Franco Anziani
Then there is the Bari Libertà Sorella (Vickers and Tapia)
Then there is the Bari Libertà Anziani (Nielsen and Taranto)
and then there is Bitonto (Bourough and Andersen)

They are awesome and it is going to be an amazing transfer!!! Love you all have a great week!!!!!!

Love Sorella Barazoto

P.S: Giulia got baptised and it was beautiful, so I've heard!!!
Love my new collega!!!

Us Gianmarco and the other Sorelle, Vickers and Tapia!!!

Anziano Palazzo baptised her!

Last day with Giulia!!!

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