May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015


Big news everyone!!! After 8 months in Rome I am leaving!!! I am leaving and I am going to a wonderful magical palce, the promised land of the Rome Italy Mission! I have been giving the amazing and wonderful and blessed opporunity to serve in BARI!!! I am going to Bari, Poggio Franco!!! And my companion will be Sorella Barona from my transfer! I am so excited!!! This is going to be so sick!!! I am sad to leave Rome and this area and everyone I have grown to love but it is time for me to leave and give someone else the chance to break the living in Rome record haha!

Anyways good news Giulia is getting baptised Saturday! Sad news I am leaving Thursday....I will miss my first baptism but I am so grateful that it is happening whether I am here or not. She is just so amazing! And is being an amazing missionary as well! We are all going to FHE tonight with her roommate and we are so excited! 

Other news, Sorella Chunga is leaving for Africa! The visa stuff is all worked out! We went to the Ambassy this week and now she can go pick it up 3 days before she leaves for the MTC THANK GOODNESS!! It is such a miracle! La chiesa √® vera! So she will leave for America June 8th I won't be able to see her off which is sad :( But I am so excited for her! She has been waiting 6 months for this! 

Sunday was a really sad day because Anziano Kenney, Anziano Kelley (last transfer) and Anziano Duffin are all going home. They all served here so you get to choose where your last Sunday is in the mission so they all gave amazing testimonies and then I did and Anziano Martin (going to Ragusa) and Sorella Klug (going to Taranto) did too. Because we are all leaving. It was a Sunday of missionaries we were so many! ha! It was really sad to see missionaries ending their missions but wow they were amazing missionaries! It was sad but happy.

Well there is not much to report this week but know that I am really happy and really sad to leave but I am proud of the work that I have done here and I am proud of the person I have become here in Roma 3! I will never be the same again. These people and this area have changed my life and I am so grateful for it. And I cannot wait to serve the people of Bari and have them change my life as well! 

I love you all and I hope everyone has a great first week of summer!!! 

Sorella Barazoto
Cristiano is like a father to the missionaries! He is the 1st counselar in the bishopbric!

Loved this district while I had them!

Alma is like a mother to the missionaries she always feeds sas good food ,) 

Gamal is like the really cool uncle (he reminds me a lot of Uncle Mark to be honest ha!) 

And then Jhamil is the little brother haha!

Sorella Gallè! Love her she is also like a mother to the missionaries!

And Joyce! Is like the sister! (don't know why I am doing family references...)

Going to miss my boys! Anziano Palazzo

Going to miss Anziano Martin as well ha!

Maria Teresa!!! Young Womens President! She is AMAZING!

Sarah, Greta, and Kimberly! love my girls!!!

Alessio! Looking amazing in his new suit!

Billy! He is the coolest Nigerian I have ever met!!!

Dalia and Fabrizio Pelligrino! So amazing! 

I am sad to say good bye to this fool, Anziano Kelley

Jenna the amazing American wife! And of course Giulia!!!

The crazy Sunday with all the missionaries!

Also to this fool as well, Anziano Kenney (his dad served with my dad in Brasil!) Small world!

David and Joshua! The Bishops kids half american and half itallian! So cute!

Claudio! He is getting baptised in like 2 weeks!

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