May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Sono Sorella Barazzotto vivo a Roma, sono stanca ma amo il lavoro del Signore sono felicissimo! 

Monday: We did pday and my trainer came and saw me and it was amazing! Wow it was so weird so see Sorella Viazzo again or Rebecca! like now that I speak Italian and everything ha! It was so cool to talk to her about the mission and everything! Also she brought me stuff to make spinach dip and I am overjoyed for that and she brought me flaming hott cheetos lime nom nom nom!!! Plus we went shopping with Giulia (investigator) and she got an outfit for church and it was super cute! Then we had a little  lesson with Giulia and after a lesson with a new investigator si chiama Veronica she is super cute and we did the restoration on some stairs hahaha so cool it went well! 

Tuesday: We had DDM and our Italian District Leader, Anziano Gavas, which I thought couldn't speak English did the whole thing in English it was awesome ha! Then we had 4 member present leesons planned and it was going to be SICK and then all of them fell through and I wanted to cry but then I remembered why I am here and even if things don't work out that is okay I am still doing my best and then I was fine ha! (see picture) And we also had English Course

Wednesday: We did finding lots of finding but it wasn't very successful then we saw Carmela and Christian they are progressing in the way that they really want to learn more about the gospel and the church and we really hope that we can get the whole family in on it. Carmela won't get baptised because her husband doesn't want her to and Christian we think does the Daughter we have no idea but we are praying that father will one day be open to the idea! 

Thursday: We saw a less active Alma she is from the Philllipines and she fed us delicious mini cakes I love her! She goes to a different ward in Rome but came this Sunday halleljuha!!!! (however you spell that) Then we saw Giulia and met her roommate who is very interestted in family history AWESOME! So we hope she will come to Giulia's baptism and we hope so awesome things for her! Her name is Martina and is awesome! Then we had a lessson with a lady named Giusi a referal from an old missionary who served here! She is 75 but kicking it! We did the restoration in this beautiful park and it went really well! Plus she came to churhc on Sunday! She is a little hesitant that young people are teaching her but we hope to continue to see her! And then we hit up English Course at the end because we it was a students birthday!

Venerdi, Sabato, Domenica: We had another lesson with Veronica she but it started to rain so we prayerfully called a memeber who lived near by and asked with we could do a lesson there and she said yes HALLELJUHA!!!!!!! I love Sorella Monica Frulla! She is amazing and we had a great lesson about the book of mormon and she understands it's role a lot better and we are so excited for her! We saw a less active names Maryluz and committed her to come to church and then we had Volley Ball and it was fun doing that with all the investigators and missionaries! And then we saw memembers and less activeon Sunday it was nice!

That was our week, we are tried but wow it was a good week! We are so happy! Also we have to go to the Ambassy for Mozambique this week and do Visa stuff so she might be leaving, we have no idea, but transfer calls are this week, felt like they were yesterday, my head is spinning wow ha! We are doing awesome and this work is coming along! Family and friends God is real and he loves you. Chirst died for us so we could be happy. Joseph Smith brought for The Book of Mormon and restored the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth. I know it is true and I love what I am doing! Have a great week everyone! Hope everyone does well with their finals or did well with the finals! Love you all!

Tacos me and my companion

Giulia and Martina! Love them!!!!

Cooking tacos! 
What a moment!

I love my momma! 

It was a great moment!

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