July 13, 2015

July 12, 2015

Ciao tutti!!! 

I'M AN AUNT!!! Welcome to the world Lucy Mae Barazoto! I could not be more excited! Everyone the family is the most important thing, never take advantage of it! Love you Lucy Mae! 

Anyways so let's talk about a crazy fun week...full of ups and downs and false alarms ha! Vi spiego! 

First off it is HOT and HUMID they even said it normally isn't this hot...gosh! Of course! The sweat is constant and we don't have air conditioning...but out fans are our best friends ha! 

Let's talk about Wednesday morning. We decided to try some new finding ideas. Sorella Barona received an impression to go down this specific street, so we grabbed a white board and we headed out! Then we wrote....sei felice? It means are you happy? So we walk down this road filled with people. And let me tell you we looked ridiculous! It was hilarious we just had this weird energy and we were like yelling at people sei felice?! People on bikes, big groups, in the middle of the street! It was awesome some people were like heck yeah! And others kind of shrugged us off. Ha! But it felt like we were in this like cartoon or something! And we asked this guy on a bike he stopped, turned out to be an old investigator! It was crazy and he wanted to meet with the Anziani again! Then we stopped this other sweet guy who was super interested as well! Then we decided to cross the street and this guy was like I'm happy! In English...and we were like why? And he told us why, it also turned out to be his birthday so we went and got ice cream with him ha! It was the strangest but most awesome morning! 

Now transfer day....so Sorella Tapia was supposed to get a greenie and then she got a call from president early that morning saying she didn't make it because of visa problems...so he told us we were going to have to be in a trio for a week or 2...that was a shock because the Anziani are a trio...now us...so we started planning for this whole week then I went to the other English course and Sorella Barona did a member spilt with this American girl. It was just a crazy day...just wait to hear what happened next. When we walked up to the church I opened the gate and I smashed my finger I heard a crack and I thought I had broken it... So I say I think I broke my finger! Because when I looked down it was immediately black. So I went and sat down and my ears started to ring and my vision went white... I thought I was going to pass out. Thank goodness I didn't! So then I was in a lot of pain my finger was gigantic and I went to the hospital that next morning to see if it was broken and the x-rays said it was OK! Don't worry family I am ok! And then later that night we got a call she is actually come so she's here and all is good ha! She is awesome and from New Jersey, Sorella Rackham! 

Anyways We had a lot of people say yes to listening to us this week and a few contacts say no...we've had up days and down days...but everyday we see miracles! And everyday we feel the love of our Heavenly Father! We feel the love he has for his children who are in difficulties too. I see a lot of people without faith here but I see so much hope and I know there is a hope for all humanity! There are lots of reasons we have in our life to be happy and one is Jesus Christ! He is our ultimate Savior and I love him! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Love Sorella Barazoto! 
My finger....it hurt...

In the hospital with Claudio our guide! He's awesome! 

Sorella Rackham! She's seriously awesome! 


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