March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Ciao tutti! 

Okay so lets talk about transfer week. Probably thee craziest week in the transfer! Especially when people are leaving! like my companions! 

Let's start with Monday! We did like all of the tourists sights we could possibly see ha! Because Sorella Valencia was leaving Rome! So we saw lots of things! And said goodbye to all of the missionaries who were going home! Then we went to a members house who is form Colombia and she made us food from Colombia and oh my goodness I about died it was SOOOOOO good! This is the start to the week of food ha! If I said I've lost weight I lied! ha! Anyways it was amazing and it was a fun night because her son can't speak Italian and we were trying to communicate and it wasn't happening ha! But I started learning some Spanish ha! 

Tuesday. So we had a surprise conference thing with Elder Allen he is with the church I can't remember for what but he is AMAZING!!!! So all the missionaries in Rome got to go and it was great! And we learned a lot! It was a cool conference and we learned a lot about not having fear when giving commitments especailly the baptismal invite it was really cool and I did an awesome role play and it may have been just a role play but the spirit was so strong when I was doing it! it was really cool! And we heard nothing new on the temple sorry ha! But the mission is getting super pumped for Elder Bednar next month! So then we ate sloppy joes with our district because my companions were leaving ha! We are getting fed great this week ha!

Wednesday:  Okay this day was hard (food wise)....we did some packing and house cleaning for the house and my companions and then we went to a pranzo  appointment with some members....The Magnanti Family. They are amazing and I love them! They fed us so well! And there was buffalo mozzerella! NOM NOM!!!! I love that stuff!!! They fed us quite a bit and then we went out and got ice cream with out investigator Mariangela! She is so sweet and is excited to meet my new companion! Then we went to a dinner that was super far away like an hour in the we went to this members house Belia. She is the sweetest old lady and she made us a lot of food...oh my goodness by the end I was dying because we had eaten so much ha! it was really good but wow I was in a lot of pain at the end of it ha! But it was a good night and her husband is a less active and we had a great talk with him about enduring to the end! it was a good night! But we were tried and still had a lot to do for transfers!

Thursday: We left the house at 6 in the morning to drop Sorella Valencia off at the train station with all the other missionaries and the greenies!!! Ahhhh so cute! The Sorella Cano went to Rome 1 and then I spent all day in Rome 2 with different missionaries while I waited for my companion to get in at 6:30 at night ha! So she finally came in! And another missionary brought Napoli pizza for the Anziani and I almost cried because I had to carry it! But couldn't eat it! it was so sad...ha! One day I will eat a pizza from Napoli ha! pray that this day is soon! 

FridaySaturdaySunday: My new companion! I LOVE HER! Sorella Klug! Oh my goodness she is from Arizona! Holla! She has lived in a couple of places but she claims Taylor AZ! So we will have to find out if we are related or something ha! We are doing great and we did a lot of planning for a busy week this next week! I am so excited! I am still nervous about the language stuff but wow I am pumped!!!!! My language has really improved and I am excited to keep expanding my knowledge!

I am so so so so so happy to be serving the Lord! It just brings such a joy into my life that is impossible to express in an email but oh my goodness I love it so much! There is nothing that brings me greater joy and peace in my life than this gospel. I would be nothing without it. This last transfer I studied the Christlike Attribute of Hope and I learned a lot about it. I learned that we need to have faith first and faith in Jesus Christ and that we most hope that God will fulfill all of his promises to us. I know that this is true and I have seen it. And I know that in know way is this easy but I know that it is possible I know that he guides me in my life and I can have hope and faith in all things. I know this gospel is true. I know it. I know it. I know it. And I love it so much. I love you all and you all bring such joy to my life thank you for all that you do for me! 

Love Sorella Barazoto
My new companion!!!! Sorella Klug! it was national womens day so everyone had yellow flowers!
This is with Maryluz! Love that family! 
Anziano Martin fell....mamma mia he gave me a heart attack! Don't worry he isn't actually in a wheel chair ha! 

The delicious Colombian food made by Maryluz! :)

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