March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Ciao tutti! 

Okay so this week was very slow and to be honest not a ton happened because about everyone cancelled on us...but I learned that there is still a lot of work to be done even if know one wants to see you. I know that if I do my best then I am happy. And if I am happy then I am sure the Lord is too. 

But we did have miracles this week! So we got this referral and we tried to call but she wouldn't answer and then we just decided to go find her because we had her address. We went last Sunday night and found her. She is American and is living in Italy and studying religion. We actually found out that the Anziani before us met with her and then got blown out so she got lost kind of amongst stuff. But we saw her and she was really excited to meet with us. So we set an appointment up and we saw her on Friday. She is an amazing woman! She is from Boston and she is an Anthropologist and she is she really smart! We love her! So we went out to this park to have a lesson and it was a beautiful park there were old italian men everywhere and miniture ponies super cute! And we taught the restoration. And we taught it in English and it was really powerful. I love teaching in Italian because I am good at it and it is what I am used to. But speaking in your native language is almost beautiful in a way. And just very profound. It was a really cool expereince! So we taught her and she wants to learn more and we are excited to teach her! We really hope we can help her in understanding that this gospel is for everyone and it brings happiness to the lives of everyone as well.

So that was out little miracle and I am greatful for this opportunity to teach people wherever they come from in the world!

So yesterday was a little crazy! We went to church and that was pretty normal and then after we had this big lunch with the whole ward for this family who is moving to France and it was crazy and we ate a lot yum! Then after we had to go to the Rome 2 church because guess what! I am doing a musical number WHAT UP! So I am singing for Mission Conference and I am singing Savior Redeemer of my Soul and Sorella Chandler is playing the violin and Anziano Jones is playing the piano! So we went to the church there to practice and we are all really exicted! I miss singing! So on out way back we had a dinner appoinment we needed to get to. And we were going to be on time....but when we were riding the tram it stopped mid track and everyone was looking out the doors and everything and there was a car in the middle of the track just sitting there. Like how the heck did that get there?! It literally came from nowhere! It had to have been riding along the tracks for awhile! Anyways we all had to get off and they had to move it and we had to walk to the next stop and then as we were waiting we started talking to this man who actually turned out to be an old English Course student that got taught once! Oh my goodness it was so meant to happen!!! He was super cool and we talked a bunch and we had a really cool conversation about God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and how they are all 3 seperate beings. And we really hope that we can see him again at out course because I really think we made an impression! It was such a miracle and an amazing expereince!!! Then after we finally made it to the cena appointment and it was delicious and the members were awesome! And it was just a long day ha!

So this week I have grown a lot. In my language, wow it is amazing! I am speaking it everyone! I am speaking Italian! It really is the craziest thing! I am so grateful I am speaking the language of my fathers how cool is that?! I really know that God is helping me. This week I hit 6 months in Italy! 6 months and I am speaking it! I know that the spirit is guiding me in my teaching. I know that I could not be doing this with out it. I feel so blessed in so many ways! I know it just sounds like I am bragging like I am so cool I can speak italian but that's not it. I am speaking Italian because God is helping me. I am teaching because God is letting me. I am so overwhelmed for the love he has for me and all his children. He will only and ALWAYS want the best for us. And I know that with all my heart and I know I say this a lot but it really is a beautiful thing. I really hope you all can know this! I love you all so much and I hope everyone is doing great!

Love Sorella Barazoto! :) 

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