March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Buongiorno tutti! Come state?! Io sto bene! Io amo italia e la mia missione e la mia collega! non lo so perche ho scritto così ma solo per la prima paragrafo vi voglio bene!

Okay I don't know why I did that but I just wanted to! Okay lets be real I was trying to make myself look cool ha! Did it work? Ah just kidding...anyways I love italian have I said that before? Gosh I love italy! By our house we have bakerys with delicious pastries and bread that is to die for and then this cute little pizza place where they give us free stuff because we love them so much and the love us so much! And this guy just stands behind the counter throwing pizza dough in the air and it just feels like a dream gosh I love it! Who wants to take me with them to italy after my mission? Like I will be your tour guide all you've got to do is pay for the ticket ha! Anyways.....

This week we tore our area book (all of our paper work of old investigators and stuff like that) apart and put it back together and called some old investigators from years and years ago! We have some lessons with them this next week so I am excited to tell you about them when I meet them! 

So on Tuesday was my companions birthday and I am such a cool collega that I bought her walkie talkies and of course a crown and creepily played happy birthday in her ear in the morning ha! And then that night after english course we built a fort and slept in it and watched the legacy ha! It was pretty awesome! ha!

Also we had mission tour this week and it was AWESOME! A general authority came and talked to us and he was seriously so funny! It was a good conference and I learned a ton! And I got to sing and it was super fun! I miss it so much! But it was a very intense conference and we are excited to see the work move forward here!

So this week we got a call from this woman who used to be an old investigator and she said she wanted to meet with us. Her name is Lola. So we went expecting it to be her house but it was actually the gelateria that she works at ha! Anyways we talked to her as she made gelato and now I want to own one for myself! Anyways so we talked to her and got to know her a little bit she gave us free gelato and it was DELCIOUS! Some of the best I've had! And then she was like I want to be baptised!!! What the heck?! But she was like I can't though because she lives with a man....NO!!!! But we are super excited to work with her and hopefully get her to the point where she can move out and be baptised! It was such a cool experience and we talked a lot about faith and acting on our faith and it was really an amazing thing! I am super excited for her and hope the best!

It's really cool how many amazing and interesting people we get to meet. People always look at our tags and ask us who we are and all of this stuff and it's amazing that I get to tell them I am a representative of Christ and I am here to tell people about his amazing restored gospel! I wear this tag everyday and sometimes I fall asleep with it on ha! But I am here for him. I represent him. As missionaries we say we wear 3 names on our tag. The churches name, Christ's name, and our families name. We represent these people when we are out and it's so cool to think about and it makes me want to do my best and be my best everyday especially if I have their names on me. I want to make them all proud and I hope that I do. I love the people that I am serving and the work we do here. It's not easy but it is wonderful. I am learning so much and the more I learn the more I want to share it with everyone else around me. I try my best and I think that is was the God wants us to do is do our best. And when we do he can give us the blessings that he has for us. It's a beautiful thing and I hope I am always worthy of the blessings and love he has for me! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Love Sorella Barazoto!!!
This is my beautiful birthday girl!

We saw a swing set and we decided to take a pictures on it ha!

This is my beloved Sorella Gates who I missed so much and we had a beautiful embrace when we saw each other and we couldn't let go ha! LOVE HER!

This is Anziano Jones he played the piano for the musical number he is super good at it! And that is Anziano Martin in the backround ha!

This is Sorella Reber I love her to death and she is an amazing missionary! 

This is Sorella Andersen we both were "born" in Ostia so we have a special bond ha!

This is a cat we found on a car walking back from the conference so cute!

These are the people who were at the conference who were in my MTC crew we have all come so far I love them!!!

And this is me in our fort bahaha! :)

This is my awesome district!!! We have the best Zone Leaders in our district as well! We are so lucky!

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