February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015


Wow new week, new companions, new area! Being in a different area is so strange because I have been in Ostia for my entire mission! It's weird but I like it here in Rome 3! My companions are awesome! We are all sass queens so it's a lot of fun ha! I guess that's like a big joke amongst the missionaries because we are all known for our sassiness so everyone thought this was a funny companionship ha! But it's great we are always crying from laughing so much! I have lots of videos to show when I get home ha! Also the work on the temple has started up! Ahhhh I am so excited! Pray for that thing!!!! :) 

The work is awesome! We have this investigator we taught my first day here, Alessio. He is 22 and just solid! We taught him the restauration last week and then repassed it again this week witha baptisimal invite and he accepeted so we are super excited! And then we also taught the plan of salvation! He is getting and understanding everything! He read 4 chapters in 2 days! It was amazing! He also came to church for all 3 hours and then we had lunch with the YSA's after to get him some frienships and he loved every second of it! We are so excited for him!!! 

Both of my companions were sick this week also it hailed like all day on Sunday ha! It's been a crazy week(come sempre) but I love it! ha! We also had an amazing Zone Conference this week and it was wonderful! It was about having faith and not having fear! It was wonderful and I learned so much!

Anyways the area here is HUGE! And we have so many places to be and not enough time but we do all that we can and it's good. We are working hard. There are a lot of people who speak Spanish here I regret not taking it now ha! But my comps are fluent! Anyways it was a good week that flew by! but it was so much fun! I love my tiny little south american companions ha! 

But today is my 1 year mark for when I come home! Have I really been gone for 6 months?! That is nuts! But I have loved my time here! Missions are not what people tell you they are going to be! They are so hard. But truly the most amazing things! I have learned so much about myself, the gospel, people, and how everything I mean everything is centered around Christ. Because with out him everything is hopeless. Without his atonement we could never live with our Heavenly Father again. And I am so grateful for that. I have such a strong testimony of that now. God is our loving Heavenly Father and he wants us to live with him again as eternal families! I love that! I have changed so much because my knowledge of this has grown so much. I can never be the same person again. Everyone says don't let the mission change you but let Christ change you. And I know it has! I am so grateful for all your love and support! I love you all! And I hope everyone has a great week!

Love Sorella Barazoto!

Love my companions!!!!

A beautiful castle!

Selfies!!!! hahaha

So I got a new name tag with how my name is supposed to be spelled and now when the Italians look at it they go oh that's right! Because they always point out how my name is wrong ha! So I am so happy about this!

And this is my lovely district! Theres us (Cano Barazzotto and Valencia) Then Anziano Kelley and Kenney(yes it gets confusing and they are the Zone Leaders) Then Anzinao Palazzo and Martin(the father and son because Martin is a greenie) And the Senior couple the Shinneys!

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