January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Okay so I will start with my companions! Sorella Cano is from Colombia but grew up in Italy! She is amazing and doesn't speak English so now I speak italian sempre! And Sorella Valencia is in her 2nd transfer she is from Ecuador and also grew up in Italy! She speaks English pretty well but I only speak Italian to her also...who am I?! Like it's nuts! My Italian was pretty bad before but now it's not that bad! Like I have to speak it always now ha! but if I don't understand something or don't know how to say something Sorella Valencia can help! They are slightly crazy but I love them to pieces ha!

So it was a weird week because of transfers and stuff and missionaries going home and all. We said goodbye to them last Monday and for pday we went to the bone church it was AWESOME! It's bones from a bunch of dead monks from like a long time ago ha! And they have them everywhere! Cieling to floor! It's nuts! Go look it up online or something! It's so cool ha! 

Anyways so I said goodbye to a lot of people in Ostia and it was really sad...but they said whenever I want I can come stay with them! So WOOT WOOT! Ha! :) 

So transfer day on Thursday was crazy because I had to get all my stuff packed and I have collected lots of things since coming here ha! But luckily I stayed in Rome! Anyways we got to the meeting point which is at Termini (the train station/where all the metros meet) by a Mcdonalds it's so funny because there are missionaries in this same spot all day it's so funny! Anyways so my las companion Sorella Decker, her companion was coming from the south but she missed her train and we didn't know so we thought she was lost ha! So we had to stay there for awhile waiting. But it was fun!

So first day in Rome3 I had to do all of English Course because my companions can't that was interesting...because the Anziani were still at Termini ha! Then they had a baptism the next day and it was beautiful! And then there was another baptism for Ostia I had to go to because I am selfish ha! And it was also beautiful! Ahhhhh it was a crazy awesome week!

Anyways so now I am in Roma 3 kind of ghetto but that's okay! Our apartment is pretty nice and huge and has a guitar and violin and now I am going to teach myself the violin ha! But it's super good here! The work is crazy I haven't met everyone yet but this week I will and tell you all about it!

But I am doing well! The gift of tongues is so real! I feel so blessed! I know that I am having so much help! I wouldn't say I am fluent but I am getting there. And I know by the end of this transfer it will be amazing! I am so excited to see what this next transfer holds! I love you all and I pray for you all! Have a great week! 

Love Sorella Barazoto
Antonella! Un bellissimo baptism!

My last Disco Giro Pizza with the Ostia crew and Anziano Di Donato(his companion went home on Monday with all the other missionaries)

My new companions! Sorella Cano and Sorella Valencia! :) 

Saying goodbye to missionaries in Termini (I was wearing pants because we did some active stuff for pday ha!) 

Saying goodbye to English Course!

Saying goodbye to Iolanda! I love old Italian people!

Saying goodby to Barbara! I will miss her so much!

We are so cool! Riding that Lido Line!

My last day with all of my stuff! :)

You have to walk through these things after you pay to go to the bathroom! MA PERCHE?! 

And old planner versus brand new planner ha!

Messy desks for 3 Sorelle ha!

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