January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

We kiss everyone here...members, investigators, people on the street! Ha! I kid you not. Everyone does the baccio! The kiss on the cheeks! Ha! I feel so awkward hugging now! Don't expect a hug when I get home expect a baccio! Haha!

Well this week was fun/crazy kind of like every week this transfer ha! The Sorelle from Ladispoli were still saying with us for a bit but they had to go to Napoli to do some Permesso stuff (our italy ID) so we were empty this week it was strange! But I saw more dead things this week...and don't worry it was totally intentional! We saw some catacombs for p-day they were so cool! It's the biggest on in Rome and is 4 levels and is like 20 kilometers to walk down! We only go to the 2nd floor but it's sooooo cool! And we get stay down too long because there is sulfur everywhere ha! But it was super cool and so old! Rome is so cool because everything is so old! It's amazing! Today we are going to the bone church so I can't wait for that ha!

So this week we got a new investigator her name is Mara and she is the mother of one of our members, Ricardo. I think I have mentioned her before but we finally got a lesson with her! And it was great we did the restoration and she talked about how she loves the change she's seen in her son! And she loves the light he brings! So we are hoping so much good for her!

We also so Victor and Sfitlana our Ukrainians, we had a Sorella from Moldovia come because she speaks Russian so the entire lesson was in Russian and I just sat there like waaaaaa? ha! It was funny but it was a good lesson she explained everything to me after! They are a little resistant but I am excitedc for them too! 

We didn't get to see Marco and Noemi this week...they really wanted to but Satan is working really hard on them. The mother, Rita, sees it and she asked us to pray that her children will be able to do this! I love them all so much! I love each and everyone of my investigators! Which brings me to some sad news....

I am getting transfered! We got our calls from President on Saturday morning! I am going into Rome now to the GHETTO! Ha! Rome 3! The church there is literally inside of an old prison ha! But it's still beautiful (of course) But I am excited to go there and meet new people and teach new people! But I am also sad that I am leaving everyone here....Sunday was hard saying goodbye to all the members I have grown to love them so much! Everyone says it's super hard to leave your first city and I can definitely see why! But I hope that I am leaving Ostia better than I found it! And I can't wait for my new adventure in Rome 3! 

Also some cool news about the transfer! I will be in a trio! Sorella Valencia and Sorella Cano! And yes they are both native Italians! And one of them doesn't speak English! So my Italian is going to get much much better(hopefully) this transfer! I am so excited! Most people here are American so I am so exicted that I can italian companions and 2 of them!!! 

But this week I've learned that patience is super important in everything. Especially in learning a language...I have been so impatient with it because I just want to be fluent! And I haven't realized how far I've come. Like I can speak the language (piu o meno). Like yesterday in church they told me right before Sacrament that I would be speaking and I went up shared a scripture talked for a bit and shared my testimony and it was so cool like I am doing it! I am speaking Italian! Which is nuts! But I've learned that even if I am not where I want to be that if I have the patience and do little by little I can become fluent to where the point that I can say anything I want! 

Well I love you all tantissimo! And I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

Love Sorella Barazoto!
This is Amelia! She is the sweetest/sassest girl ha!  
This is a picture of me at my favorite pizza place! DISCO GIRO PIZZA! 

And this is my lovely district! 2 of these missionaries are dying! (going home!) We will miss them!

This is the Trippi family! Probably my favorite family in Ostia! They had us over for dinner yum!

This is a YSA or GANS in our ward, Karen! I will miss her! I love her to pieces!

Angella! Our Ukrainian member who translates our lessons! Love her!

This is the Serafini family! Marco, Jaquline, Victor, and Simone! I love them!

This is Sorella and Fratello Battistini! They are the sweetest couple! I love them! :)

This is Sorella Calvangia! Oh how I love her!!!

These are some teachers in our ward Juan and Francesco(I think...ha)

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