January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Well I just accidently deleted my entire email after writing it so you all will get short/very confusing and thoughts thrown everywhere kind of email this week. Because I have to rush sorry! 

So this week we had the Ladispoli Sorelle staying with us. Because of something that is going on in their apartment and let me tell you the story. And this is in the point of view of Sorelle Brunson because I stole it because I didn't want to write it again. Ha! So Sorella Brunson is telling the story and Sorella Marquis is her old companion.  

So we noticed these weird things hanging on our ceiling....like in cacoons kind of but really small (the maggots)  
We had a member look at them (Rob Squarcia) but he had no idea what they were.  
So I vacumed them right up.
However....3 days later, they came back.  
I then recalled something that Sorella Marquis told me....she told me that during the summer she had heard birds, flapping around in our chimney. 
Ok pause. 
We have a chimney in our bedroom, but its sealed up from the bottom.  And by sealed up I mean someone took a board and two screws and put it overtop the chimney.  so our chimney is open at the top outside, but closed at the bottom in our bedroom. 
So I remembered Marquis had told me about those birds she had heard. And then....I got this terrible, terrible, terrible hunch......
That maybe possibly probably....the maggots were coming from the chimney...and there was a dead bird in there. 
On Tuesday we made the decision the chimney needed to be opened.  So the anziani opened it up...revealing....
20 dead pigeons and a whole flipping ton of maggots. 

So they had 20 dead birds in their house. So they now live in our piccolissississimo apartment ha! And have a mentioned they are in a trio so there are 5 of us ha! It's crazy and small and slightly fun but definitely crazy ha! 

Anyways! So this week was crazy going back and forth to Ladispoli and then we had to go to the office and help the Senior Couples fix their computers and it was just a nuts-o week! But we had miracles everywhere!

First Miracle is our amazing member Angella from Ukraine. Who translates our lessons to our investigators, Victor and Sfitlana. But we had a lesson with them and they accepted the invite to be baptised! So we are ridiculously excited! And those lessons are seriously the biggest miracle! 

Second Miracle Kind of silly but....Enchiladas. So we have out weekly meeting with our district and we all eat together and it was our turn to make lunch. And we were like hey lets make something other then pasta. And my body is craving Mexican food sempre! So we made it ha! And oh my goodness we all about started to cry! Also we made sour cream because they don't have it here!!!! And it was delicious! And I am so proud of our selves! Wow it was definitely a miracle! And oh so delicious!

Third Miracle is church! So the missionary standard for investigators to be in church is 2 for companionship and this Sundaywe had 4!!! Which is CRAZY! And a miracle! And they were all so happy to be there and so were we and WOW! It was such a blessing and we are so happy for them!

Anyways this week was just crazy but I've learned a lot. I've learned that Satan will do anything I mean ANYTHING to attack this work. Especially here in Italy because they have such a rich heritage of religion and they are so ready for this gospel it's crazy. But Satan won't have it so he attacks it in anyway he possibly can. And it's scary, the power he has is terrifying actually. But amongst all of this and all the bad and the sad and the dissapointing. God's hand is still strongly and firmly in it all. His power is so above Satan it doesn't even matter. He has a plan and we have the choice to choose his plan. And when we don't it's another point to Satan. I challenge all of you do choose God and his plan and to be the person that God wants you to be. Forget what you want because God is the MOST important thing in EVERYTHING. He is everywhere and he is in charge and I trust him completely. I know that whatever God has planned for me is exactly what needs to happen. And this upcoming week is scary because I could get transfered and it's sad because I don't want to leave these people. But I know that whatever he does is what needs to happen. I love love LOVE you all and I hope everyone has a great week!!

Love Sorella Barazoto
These are the birds!!! Oh my goodness it is soooooooooo scary!!!!

This was the day I became a snowman with 12 layers of clothing..

And this was at We Run Rome! Just Do it ha!

I have grown to love baking here in Italy! Mainly just pizza :)

Disco Giro Pizza! Best Pizza in Ostia! 

And then our delicious Enchiladas! 

And this is Simone the cutest little toddler in the ward! I just love him! 

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