January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Ciao tutti!

Saldi means sales the month of January is sales in Italian it's the most amazing time of the year ha! But anyways this week I FROZE! I never understood cold weather with humidity but I never want to experience it again I almost sat on the ground in tears it was so painful! The cold is not my friend....but I bought furlined tights which are now my best friend ha! 

So this week was a lot of staying inside making calls and stuff because nobody is outside and it is too miserable to be outside we had our usual appointments but I can honestly say I can not handle the cold ha!

Okay so Anziano Graham who is here in Ostia with us is a track runner at BYU so I would say he is pretty good but he went to Highland so BOOOO! Just kidding his mom is the cool Guatamalan lady who subsitutes in like all the seminaries! Tate and Brett look for her! Comunque there is this 10k that they do on New Years Eve and he got permission and a bunch of other missionaries to do it. So we could go talk to people and they could ask who we are ect....ect...it was really cool and we talked to a bunch of people and told them who we were! Also this was the coldest day of the whole week...So I wore my entire closet ha! I looked like a puff ball! I wore a shirt, 3 sweaters, 2 coats, fleece lined tights, sweats, and like 3 pairs of socks and I had a blanket ha! And I was still cold.....all of the Utah kids were looking at me like I was a freak ha! Anyways it was really cool and fun! It was a cool finding experience (we get really creative here ha!)

But the most AMAZING thing this week was our miracle! We have 2 new investigators!!! AHHHHHH We are so excited! They are from Ukraine and don't speak Italian woot woot ha! So our lesson was definitely interesting! There is a member in our ward who is from Ukraine so she came to our lesson and translated everything we said...and it was CRAZY! Italian was nobodies first language in that room and yet the lesson was still taught and the spirit was still felt. It was truly a miracle and God was helping us a lot in that lesson but they agreed to meet with us and we are super excited their names are Viktor and Svitlana they are so cute and I love them even though I can't talk to them...

It is so amazing to be able to teach even if it is people from a different country because it doesn't matter who we teach because the gospel is for EVERYONE! It is for all of Gods children and that is what we do here. We preach to everyone and tell them of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We tell people that he will come again and we WILL live with out Heavenly Father again if we follow his son, our brother Jesus Christ. And I believe that with all that I am. There is nothing and NO one that could change my mind I am confident that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. And I am a representative of him and I will teach and preach until I can't anymore. I am so pumped all the time! It's amazing the energy I have from it! And I love it! When Satan tries to attack me it makes me push even harder! I know that my time here is very very short and I am doing my best to do all I can. I love love LOVE you all and I hope you all have an amazing week! 

Love Sorella Barazoto
And we made cookies with one of our less actives you can't tell but I decorated a missionary! (Also I am wearing my Christmas present from Sorella Decker the apron)

They were really good!

I burned my hand so spiderman stickers it is! Ha!

Also I found Arizona here :) Mini cactuses everywhere! I think I might buy one ha! I was so happy!

Alice our less active love her!

And our cookies! YUM!

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