December 31, 2014

December 29, 2014

This week was filled with fun and food ha!

On Monday we went to Villa Borgese! Ahhh beautiful! We rode bikes with a bunch of missionaries and it was wonderful! Then we went to Piazza Del Popolo and caroled and talked to people!

Tuesday we had a Pranzo with the Agomeri family and they fed us so much food! It was delicious and italians know how to celebrate ha! 

Wednesday we met with a less active and then we had the rest of the day to celebrate Christmas ha! It's kind of like Christmas break which means we can stay at peoples house for more than an hour ha! Also we get to watch 2 movies during this time we (I) made pizza and watched Rio it was so fun! And then we had Christmas Eve Dinner at a members house! The Tripi family! I love I have adopted Sorella Tripi as my mission mom! The food was SOOOO good I loved it! They had homeaid noodles YUMMY! They never stop feeding you! Ha!

Thursday CHRISTMAS! We gave each other our presents! Then we went to the church and watch Robots and ate pancakes yum! Then we went to The Banchini family for Pranzo and ate a lot...again ha! Then we got stuck because the metro stopped running and skyped 2 hours later than planned ha! I loved talking to all the people I talked to! It was wonderful! Plus I am going to be an aunt!!! Because Jamie is prego! AHHHHH I am so excited! :)

Friday I fulfilled my mission dream and went to Ostia Antica! Which is like 20 minutes from out apartment! Because it is closed on Mondays but we went and it was so amazing! Look it up! it's LEGIT! Then we went to Ladispolo for our weekly meeting with the other missionaries

Saturday we planned and did some finding and then went to the Durango family for dinner! Their little girls had been waiting all day for us! And really wamted us to play games with them so how could we resist? We played Just Dance with them ha! They were so great! And they also made delicious food for us ha! 

But this week was just crazy! And awesome! And I am exhausted from it! but we had so much fun! I love the people here. I didn't know that I could love people so much! I just can't think of ever leaving them or Italy! I know that these people are God's children and that he loves them so much! And that our Savior loves all of us too. We celebrated his life this week! I think that is so amazing! I am grateful that I get to share this gospel and the knowledge I have of the Church of Jesus Christ! I love my experiences all of the thing I learn everyday! 

I love you ALL! And I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years!

Love Sorella Barazoto!
This is the Banchini Family who we spent Christmas day with! I love them!

And this is me in Ostia Antica! My dream came true! 
And this is the view from the top of Villa Borgese! It was a tuff ride ha!
This is what happens when you leave your camera at the church...
Christmas morning!
And the view while biking through one of the parts in Villa Borgese!

My favorite sign in Italy ha!
This is the Ampitheater (spelling?) in Ostia Antica SO COOL!
And this is me being so happy that I am there! :)
The Durango family! They are from Colombia! And they speak English and fed us food from American like STUFFING! Ahhhh so good!

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