December 23, 2014

December 22, 2014

Buon Natale! 

How is the American Christmas going? I miss seeing Christmas lights on houses....because there are no houses here ha! I love peoples little string of lights on their balconies though ha!

So this week was kind of short because I emailed on Wednesday but it was a good week! We did an exchange with missionaries but we did it where both came and stayed the night and we stayed in the same area and proselyted. Which was interesting because our apartment is teeny tiny! But we were all nice and close it was fun! We did a sonaggio together which is kind of like a survey. But we went up to people and had them pick a piece of colored paper with a question on the back like what is the significance of christmas or what is the purpose of life. But something really cool happened!

 So we talked to this man Alberto and we was the sweetest! He was just sitting on the pier and you could tell he was contimplating his life. But we started talking to him and he was so so so sweet! He told us about his wife and how she died 12 years ago and how it was hard especially during Christmas time to think about her. But we talked about temples and eternal families and our Heavenly Father's plan and we asked him where he thinks his wife is and he said Paradise! And we were like woah! And we showed him a scripture about it and he was so happy and he was like I know she is there! Then we started talking about the Book of Mormon and he was like hey! Missionaries like you gave that to my daughter a week ago! And we were like what?! That is not a coincidence! And at that moment I knew we were meant to meet that man. He needed our message and The Book of Mormon. It was amazing to see how God puts us in situations where we can meet people and teach them and how they are put in our paths as well. Because he went to an appointment that fell through and was going to go home but decided to go sit on the pier instead and that's when we came up to him! It really shows God's love for his children! It was an awesome experience and this man Alberto thanked us for telling him what we knew and our testimonies. It was a really tender experience and I know that we were exactly where the Lord wanted us to be in that moment. 

So that was fun! Also we had a ward Christmas party! It was HILARIOUS! Italians are so strange but I flipping love them! They had like a talent show and they made us sing...goodness the things we do as missionaries ha! It was fun though! And we ate lots of food and then ran home so we could be home on time ha! 

We also had a lesson with our simps Marco and Noemi! I love them! And guess what! The accepted the invitation to be baptised! I have so much hope for them! And I want it so badly for them! I love being a missionary :) 

But that is all for this week! I can't believe it's Christmas already! I am excited to be in Italy for Christmas and to see all of the traditions here! I really love it and I feel so lucky everyday to be here! Also in the last 2 weeks my language skills have gone WAY up! It's because we are both so young in the mission ha! But I am doing a lot better! Anyways I love you all and I hope you all remember the meaning of Christmas and have fun with all the commercial stuff (because it is fun) but always remember that it is about Chirst's birth and that is why we celebrate this time of year. Have an amazing week!

Love Sorella Barazoto! 
Pictures from our exchange! With Sorella Vickers and Sorella Francom! 
And this is Fratello La Ferla being satan claus/rudolf...? Ha! Babbo Natale! He was doing a sketch with some new converts Marco and Jaqueline.   

Here is our dinky little place for our stockings ha! 

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