December 17, 2014

December 17, 2014

 Ciao Tutti!

This week! So a lot has happened since you last heard from me! Also sorry this email is late we had training with our zone on Monday and then we had appointments yesterday so today is pday!
So my new companion is Sorella Decker! Last Monday I dropped off Sorella Viazzo and yes there were tears ha! And then I was with Sorella Brunson until Thursday (which is transfer day) so I was going back and forth on a train from Ostia to Ladispoli because we were trying to cover work for 2 areas ha! It was crazy! But fun! So now Sorella Decker and I are together and she is only a transfer older than me! I asked President for an Italian companion and then he gave me one who could speak as well as me ha! It's the perfect definition of the blind leading the blind hence my subject ha! But we totally get a long! I love her! Sometimes it feels like I am back at school with my roommate ha! We get along pretty well :)
But this week was weird and so was the last just because transfer week is really hard because you have to sit in a train station for 8 hours and it just messes schedules up and stuff but we got a lot done for the time we've had together! It feels weird leading someone around. Being in charge is scary! And when I say being in charge I mean just introducing her to people and showing her where everything is ha! I am really excited for this transfer! It's crazy how fast things go 6 weeks feels like 1 week! I can't believe it's almost the new year!
Marco and Noemi are doing good I love them so much! They are so sweet and cute! We are inviting them to be baptised this week so pray that they feel the spirit as we ask them and that they can prepare for the date we set for them! We are also going to start teaching this women Mara. Cool story. So her son Ricardo was baptised tanti anni fa. And she was not happy with it back then. But she said she loves the change she has seen in her son and she loves the man he has become and now she wants to meet with us and learn more! We are so excited for her!!! And Ricardo because he's the best!

This week we have a lot of activities planned for the ward and we are going to go caroling at Piazza del Popolo! And I am going to have an Italian Christmas! Also I don't believe that Christmas is next week it was literally just Halloween ha! But I am so excited! It is so strange that being a missionary is who I am. I can't imagine doing anything better at this point in my life. The people I meet and the expereinces I have are truly amazing. I just can't believe how lucky I am to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I get to wear his name on me everyday. I love my Savior and I know he loves me. And I know he loves everyone. He came to this earth to do the will of his father and to sacrafice and suffer for us so that we can live with our Heavenly Father one day. I am so grateful that I have this knowledge and I really love being here and sharing this with the people of Italy. I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season!

Love Sorella Barazoto!

Also this is my companion Sorella Decker and I hate this picture of me but oh well ha!

This is our zone we did the nativity and I was a was pretty hilarious ha!

And these are some Sorelle at the office! We were laughing at an Elder who was taking selfies ha! 

This is Anziano Hansen we were chosen to be the camels for the nativity ha!

And this is my new collega Sorella Decker who is so happy to be by the ocean now! 

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