December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

This week! Wow It's the last week with my mom! (trainer) She goes home next week! I'm so sad but happy for her and all but sad....but this week was so good!

Anyways I'm writing so late today because we had to go help one of our new converts get to the train station she had like a million suit cases she lived in one of the African camps here. Her name is Lydia and she has a son, Valentino and he is so cute! Anyways we did that this morning and it was really sad but we are happy for her!

So it was Sorella Viazzo's birthday this week and we did so much! We had lunch at a crazy ladys house it was very entertaining but scary because she gets mad at me for not knowing the language but she speaks it's hard to understand her no matter if I knew the Language well or not ha! But it was a good meal ha! Oh and then our fruit/vegetable stand guys gave us a bag full of delicious foods ha! They love us and we love them! I love that I feel apart of Ostia because I know so many people here! We walk down the Street saying hi to everyone its so cute!

So this week for our weekly meeting with missionaries we had it on Thursday and then after had Thanksgiving together! It was so fun! We had missionaries from our zone and a bunch of senior couples and they made a turkey well 2 oh my goodness it was so good! We had so much food! It was so fun to be with Americans on Thanksgiving because it is my favorite Holiday! Also we put up our Charlie Brown Chirstmas tree it's dinky but cute ha!

But the crazy thing for this week was we had an Exchange and it wasn't just any old Exchange but a greenie one! Ahhh 2 greenies together and we were in Ostia! It was with Sorella Brunson she is in my district I love her! But I was freaking out! But it actually went a lot better than I thought I talked to people and we went and saw a member and like what the heck I SPEAK ITALIAN! It's crazy stuff! (That does not mean you stop praying for me to learn the Language ha!) But it was super cool!

Anyways so for Friday night we had a mostra which can mean a lot of different things but it's just a way to share the gospel so we did a spray painting one. An Anziano can do graffiti so he made pictures and gave them out for free. Here we have to do lots of finding tools ha! But it was so cool because people start lining up for free things and we talk to them! It was so fun and hilarious just because Sorella Brunson and I were searching for our words sometimes ha! But it was good!

Okay ready for the best part of the week?! We have 2 investigators!!! They are siblines Noemi (16) and Marco (14) They are like members just not baptized but don't really know anything about the church. Their mom is a member who is reactivating and we have been wanting to meet with them for awhile and we finally got a chance to and invited them to the lessons so they seem really excited! And so are we! Pray for them!!! AHhh I am so happy!

Miracles are real! I know that everyday and I have seen them all my life but it doesn't matter how many I see or experience them because every single one is special and amazing! God really loves his children! I am confident that if we do what he wants us to do he will bless us with everything we need! I really want people to know they are loved no matter who they are God loves them! No matter men or women, race, young or old, or even bad or good. He loves us. He loves us so much. There is nothing you could do to make that not true. He loved you before our life here on earth now and forever! I know that. I know he is real and he loves me too. I know that Jesus Christ is our redeemer and our Savior and that he lives! I know without a doubt this church is the Church of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful everyday that I have this knowledge!

But I love you all and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving whatever you did! And I hope you have an amazing week!

Love Sorella Barazoto 

P.S. go see my blog for more pics!
These are the pies we made for Thanksgiving everyone loved us for it!

And this is a family in my ward the taller one look so much like Cole! And the younger one looks like Brett! (Sorry Tate ha!) Makes me miss all 3 though!

And this is Sorella Brunson the one I did the scambi with I love her!

Pday in Roma at the Pantheon with some Sorelle

And this is part of my family the bottom one is my niece then my sisters then my mom dad sister wife and uncle ha! Missionaries are so weird with giving everybody a name ha!

This is our table for Thanksgiving!

And this is the pier by where we did the spray painting bellissimo!

This is a funny statue we found

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