October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hello friends and family!

Have I mentioned that I love Italy yet?! Well I totally do! I love Ostia! Did you know it mentions Ostia in Gladiator someone here told me that! So cool! (That is not me telling you to watch it unless it is edited!) Anyways! This week for pday we explored Ostia! Have I told you about the trees?! Ahhh they are magical! pictures don't do it justice but I willl send them anyways! :) 

We meet so many cool people here most people are not interested in our message sometimes people are but we never hear from them again! They numbers we do get from people we push so hard we are so persistent it's funny ha! We just want it so badly for them! I want to share my message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone! 

So this week I had an exchange in one of the Rome districts and I was in the ghetto! Sketchy! hahaha it wasn't that bad just interesting! Don't worry they won't send us anywhere dangerous! I was perfectly safe! (Don't worry mom!) 

Anyways so Jasmine! She is amazing! Ahhhh pray for her! The work is slow here but it makes everything so much more meaningful! We do a lot of finding we talk to TONS of people but nobody wants it. Pray that the people we meet have an open heart!

So I eat a ton of pasta and pizza here obviously....and there was a McDonalds and it was just looked so good and I totally gave in! It was the best decision! Ahhhh I love burgers! I downed that thing! I love italian food but I missed a good burger and I miss mexican food as well ha! 

Well I am doing good! The language is coming slow...pian piano (that's what everyone says it means little by little) But sorry my emails are boring and scatter brained! But I love it here and I am so humbled everyday by these people! I really just want them to be happy and have what I have! My desire to share the gospel grows more and more everyday along with my testimony of my Savior! He has done so much for me! I owe so much to him and I feel like I can do that through a mission I know that is like .000000000000001% in comparison but I do my best everyday to serve him! I hope you are all doing well I love and miss you! I hope you have a bellissimo week! 

Love Sorella Barazoto! 
I was so happy to eat that burger!

The trees they are huge and I love them!

Cheesy Vatican pictures

Cheesy Vatican pictures

On the bus to Ladispoli for district meeting

gelato eating contest at district meeting this is how we all felt...

My amazing and Crazy district! Anziano Zappittini, Jimenez, Kunz, Zemp
The Sorella Marquis, me, Viazzo and Brunson 

I was very happy to wear pants because we helped someone move it was wonderful ha! 

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