October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

This week I learned a lot about patience. Patience is very important yet very hard ha! I've learned that if I am not being patient that is Satan working on me but when I am I can feel so much love for everyone! Also I've learned that if I am moving fast I should move slower and if I am moving slow I should move faster. It's weird but that philosophy has helped me so much this past week! Also it so cold here. If I survive this winter it will be a miracle. I. do. not. like. the. cold.
Okay so speaking of miracles, crazy story! So we had do to a scambi (excange) for a pass off lesson so I was with another sister doing errands for transfer week and stuff. So that day which is Friday there was a strike for the Metro's which happens all the time so the metro's didn't open until 5 in the evening so once they started running we got on so we did the scambi and got back together and we got on the metro but we had to switch to get home. So we got to our line home and it was closed....(the line was only open for 3 hours...which we did not know) and our phone was dead...and we were supposed to be home in like half an hour. And we had nobody's number. So we were in a pickle. So anyways after feeling scared and anxious we realized we had the Anziani's (Elders) number written down! Ahhhh lucky us but the payphone wasn't working so we sent them a text from it but that didn't work...so we tried calling again and again even though it wasn't working and it went through! Ahhhh! We were so happy! God loves us! And we told them the deal and there was nothing we can do to get home so we had to go to Ladispoli for the night you take a train there. So we hopped on a train and finally got there at like 10:15 so it was kind of scary but it all worked out! We were in no danger but it was kind of a miracle that we weren't! We knew that the Lord was protecting us that night! But all is well!

Anyways pray for our investigator, Jasmin! She has been really busy with work and moving so it has been hard to meet with her! We love her and we want this for her so badly! Also we met this really cool lady Mary while doing white board finding (that's when you write a question like 'how many times have you smiled today?' or 'does God speak to us today?') It's great because Italians love to talk! Anyways that's how we met Mary and she rambled but agreed to meet with us! So we met with her and we talked a ton and she loved it! And we gave her and her cousin the restoration and they liked it so hopefully we can make them investigators! I love them! Pray for them!
The language is slow but good I know I can't learn it all at once but I wish I can ha! It is amazing how much I have learned! I know that God's hand is in this! I love the language even if I don't understand it all the time! And I love the people here! Italians are exactly what everyone say they are but they are the kindest and most loving people!
I know that a year and a half is so insignificant in eternity but I know that where I am is where I need to be. I know that serving a mission will help me for the rest of my life and on. I know that without a doubt that this church is true and I regain my testimony of that everyday I am here. God is real and so is his son Jesus Christ and we are God's chidren and he loves us so much! We wants us to be with him again! There is so much I don't understand but I have faith that God will help me with all that I need to do. I love this gospel and all that it gives and teaches me. I hope you can all see this too. I love you all and I hope you are happy, safe, and healthy! Vi Voglio Bene! Until next week!
Love Sorella Barazoto! :)
I went to the pantheon for Pday!

Also I found this and thought it was funny ha!

This is English Course very small but everyone is great!

This is Michela Banchini who is in our ward and left for her mission in England this week! We love her so much!

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