September 3, 2014

MTC September 3, 2014


So I finally figured out how time works on a mission! The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like hours! It is the most accurate way to explain how I feel about time ha! Anyways this week seriously flew by! I can't believe I've almost been here for a month it's so crazy to think about! But I totally love it! So this week was kind of sad because we lost an Elder and by lost I don't mean died...he was having a hard time so they changed him to a English mission. I think he was meant to meet us to learn something he couldn't have learned anywhere else. We all supported him but are really going to miss him especially our district because he was part of ours. It felt like we lost a part of us but it was definitely an amazing learning experience for us all! I really learned how to cater to the needs of others even if I'm struggling I can still help someone else who feels the same way. It was sad but we were happy to see him happy! 

So I had my birthday on Sunday! I'm 20 holla! Anyways here's how the day went! So before 6:30(sleeping time is so precious here) one of the Sisters in my district decides to get an inch a way from my ear and says as LOUD as she possibly could HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My alarm clock was next to my ear and I jumped and smacked it and it goes flying across the room ha! I was so mad but too tired to react ha! She's from France so she's just kind of weird ha! Just kidding we love here and her crazy foreign ways! So then everyone buys me stuff from the vending machines ha! Because what else can you do? Hahaha! It was cute I love everyone here! They wrote me cards and got me goldfish (which is now a huge joke in the zone because of my fainting story ha!) And it was so sweet I love it! There was another girl in my district who's birthday was the same with mine so it was fun to share that with her! It was nice because it was on Sunday and I wasn't sitting in a class all day! Also most of the day I was "coaching" 2 people who were singing in devotional that night which was awesome I love helping people! I guess I know more than I thought I did thank you Dana! Ha! It actually helped I felt so proud! :) Anyways at the end of the day in the residence they made us sit in the middle of a circle and said wonderful things about us and it was so nice and a good confidence boost! I love all of the Sorelle here! I am seriously blessed with an amazing zone! The Anziani are amazing as well! MISSION'S ARE THE BEST!!! So that was my birthday is was nice! And I got an amazing package from my family and then sent me as ASU shirt and I'm wearing it proudly! Ha! Everyone kind of looks at me funny and points I'm definitely in BUY/USU country! I'm a maroon dot in a sea of blue and gray! Ha! It's funny!

The language is coming's definitely hard but I keep telling myself I can do it! We skype with real Italians tomorrow so we are all super nervous so teach them! It should be interesting and I'm sure we won't understand a single thing and neither will they ha! But the words I say don't matter as much because teaching with the spirit is all that matters! :) I can't wait to get out in the field and teach people and bring them the fullness of the gospel! Can I just say I love reading and talking about the Restoration it makes me so happy I love Joseph Smith and I am so grateful for his trust in the Lord and his willing nice to sacrifice so much so we could have this gospel! I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Go work with your local missionaries! They need your help and referrals! GO refer people to them! Whether they be nonmembers or inactive! For me! It's my birthday wish! :) I hope you are all doing well and I would love to here from you all! Heavenly Father loves you and so do I! I love being a missionary! :)

Vi Voglio Bene!!!

 Sorella Barazoto

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