September 12, 2014

September 10, 2014

Wow! This week was so different than all of the others since I got here! We are all excited/terrified about going to Italy ha! We always try to talk in our language! It's kind of fun and people look at like we are super cool (which we are ha!) I know it's going to be a lot different once I get to Italy but it's fun right now ha! Anyways this week was fun things are really started to make sense in the language I used to have to stop my teachers every time they said a sentence but now I rarely do holla! So that's great! It's crazy how much I've learned in these past weeks the Lord really blesses us as missionaries it's so amazing to see it and be apart of it! I know I have the best zone here! We are always looking out for each other and I know I say this every week but it's so true that we are a BIG, LOUD, and LOVING Italian family! I love everyone in my zone!
So the most AMAZING thing to happen this week was we got our travel papers. Now let me tell you how unbelievably exciting this is. We sit in a classroom for 12 hours a day and pretty much go insane because we are in a basement that smells from the bathrooms...we study all day and try really hard to understand what is being taught. Then when we emerge from are hole we go into this room where they "make food" and we eat it. So when we got this news we all were like what?! We get to leave ha! Anyways I really do love the MTC it really isn't THAT bad! But we are all getting very antsy to leave! So we got our travel papers on Friday! We have to be up and ready and at the travel office at 6 so that should be fun...then we fly to Chicago then London (I wish I would be able to see Grandpa and Grandma! It'll be sad knowing they are so close!) Anyways then we fly to Rome! Also I am the travel leader so I feel really important and stuff ha! I was going around saying like WAY too much "I will lead you to Rome! Back to the land of my fathers!" It was really fun and way to entertaining we were just all really really really excited! So we leave Tuesday and it's crazy but I can't wait! It'll be sad saying goodbye to everyone but I know I'll stay close to them!
I am so ready and excited to start teaching the people of Italy I can't believe this time next week I'll be there! I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my love and my knowledge of the gospel! It really so amazing that I get to spend a year and half of my life doing nothing else! I hope ALL can receive this message and know that it is true! If you want to know pray and read the Book of Mormon! Those tools are so important and will help you gain eternal perspective! This gospel is so amazing and blesses so many lives! I know it is true I know what it does for me and what it can do for anyone. Nothing is will ever be too hard for you to handle! Our Heavenly Father knows you and he knows what you are capable of! Never deny your true potential! I know I am more happy and confident in myself than I have ever been in my entire life! I love you all and I hope you are doing well! I want to hear from you! Next time I email you I will be in Italy! Pray that our luggage gets there because apparently they are having problems so that would be nice! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!
Sorella Barazoto

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