August 29, 2014

MTC August 27, 2014

So this week was the same as last week except we did TRC which is the best and worst thing ha! In class we just learn grammar and verbs and stuff, I hate conjugation have I said that yet? Especially when someone is explaining it to you in Italian ha! Oh well so we do that and we teach "investigators" which are our teachers but TRC is when we teach members who want to talk about the gospel and feel the spirit and they grade us on how we do so it's 10 TIMES more scary ha! But it was so cool! I know that my Italian is horrible and so is my pronunciation but whatever I was saying it didn't matter because the spirit was there. At first I would keep my mouth shut because I didn't want to sound ridiculous or dumb. But honestly it doesn't matter what I say because it's the spirit that teaches and not me. I feel more comfortable opening my mouth because I'm starting to learn that it doesn't matter if I feel uncomfortable I just need to have faith they my Heavenly Father will help me!

Anyways funny story I'm taking sleeping pills because I can't sleep...(blah blah blah typical for every missionary ha!) So like I was fasting all day for this kid in my zone who is really struggling and we are all like a bit Italian family so we love each other so much and want the best for each other. Anyways I took 2 of these really heavy pills while fasting...and I was sitting down talking to the Sorelle in my room and all of sudden I was like uh-oh I'm going to pass out and they totally didn't believe me so I pass out...ha! My Companion thankfully caught me before I plowed headfirst into the ground and the force fed me oreos and I hated it ha! Then they got me goldfish from the vending machine and I don't remember saying this but they said that I was almost in tears saying, "I love goldfish!" So they said it was hilarious but I'm totally okay! DON'T TAKE PILLS WITHOUT EATING! I guess that's common sense but oops ha! Other than that everything is going awesome! I understand things better I feel like I can actually make a sentence now ha! I know that once I get to Italian it'll be like I've learned nothing ha! But I can't wait! The half way mark was yesterday so these next weeks will probably FLY by! I'm so excited I love being here but I can't wait to leave and make my own food ha! MTC food is interesting...I stick to the salad's and fruit ha! And tater tots I LOVE tater tots ha! But I hope everyone is doing well! If you're reading this write me because I most likely want to hear what's going on in your life ha! Even if you tell me what you ate for breakfast I want to hear it ha! is super cool so use it if you want :) Mariah Miller and Lauren Isacksen I'm calling you out! ;)
One thing I've learned more than ever this week is that I can love people so much and not even know them! Especially the people in Italy! Like if I can love people as much as I do and not even know them, then imagine how much out Heavenly Father loves us! If you don't think He loves you (which I know he does) I want you to get down on your knees right now and ask! He wants you to talk to Him and he wants you to tell Him how your day went and how you feel! He cares and he listens you just need to have FAITH that he will! I know that without a doubt! His love is so strong and powerful and being here makes me feel it so much! Love God and I love his son Jesus Christ! I know this gospel is true without a doubt I could never deny the things I have seen and felt! I love you ALL and I hope you have an amazing week! Arrivederci!
Sorella Barazoto

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