August 29, 2014

MTC August 20, 2014

The MTC is different. It's amazing and the spirit is so strong and everyone is like over achievers it's  so cool! But I would be lying if I didn't say it was hard. I know that I have learned more Italian in 2 weeks than I would in an entire year of school or something. But I wish I knew more now ha! I'm definitely learning patience and proper studying methods. Our entire zone gets a long so well! A little too well actually we have a hard time focusing because we just love to talk and laugh and stuff! We are the definition of a big Italian family! We're so loud and eat so much! We're the first ones at meals and the last ones too! We think we're so cool because we are obviously! The Italian missionaries are the best ha! Just kidding!
I think about all day what I want to say to everyone then I come to the computer and forget ha! We study for like 9 hours a day and it's crazy how fast everything goes yet slow at the same time! I feel like I've been here for weeks yet it feels like I just got here! Time is funny here! Anyways I'm doing well! Me and my companion are crazy and we are loud and annoying ha! It's perfect! Also I've become obsessed with playing volleyball during gym time! I'm not good but I like to think I am ha! There's this kid from California whose school won like nationals for volleyball and I can keep up with him so I feel super cool! Ha!
Sorry my brain is so scattered! I've started to feel more at home here I know the tricks and I know my way around and it's definitely started to turn into a routine! Also it was awesome because Michelle is here so it's nice seeing family and it makes it feel more home like! Also I talked to Parker Schwarz (I know I spelled that wrong...) the other day so that was nice as well!
I know I'm learning and growing so much here! I know that the gospel is so so so so so true and that God loves all of his children no matter what! I know that reading the Book of Mormon and praying sincerely everyday really makes a difference in your life! Our Heavenly Father wants us to return to him and he wants us to be obedient to all of his commandments! i saw something that said the commandments are multiple choice! I thought that was so interesting because sometimes we just want to do want we want to do but we need to do what the Lord wants us to do. He knows us better than we know ourselves! I love this work and I can't wait to get out in the field and serve the people or Italy! Love you all and hope you're doing well! Write me! Dearelder me! 
Love Sorella Barazoto

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