August 13, 2014

Hello land of the living!
Do you remember me!? I'm a missionary! It's so crazy! I feel so different yet the same it's hard to explain really...well I'll answer the questions everyone wants to know! My companion's name is Sorella Griffin she's from South Jordan, Utah and is great! We are definitely different but we get along well and like to push each other (In good ways ha!) My district is awesome the boys are all 18 except one but the boys seriously remind me of Cole, Tate, and Brett! (Maybe because I just see them as my little brothers ha!)
The language is hard and I wish I was fluent now. But I'm trying the teacher only talks Italian and the first day he asked me a question and I just stared at him dumb founded like is this what it's going to be like....? But it's better we all pretty much understand what he's saying besides a few words. So I can say a simple testimony and prayer in Italian so I'm trying to learn new things to say everyday. Also we teach an "investigator" in Italian which is super hard but I good experience as well!
So we had this devotional yesterday and Elder Evans of the seventy spoke with his wife and it was amazing! For the opening song we sang Called to Serve go figure! Ha! (I have never sung this song so many times in my life ha!) But I was in a room full of missionaries singing called to serve and it just hit me! Oh my goodness this is so real! And I felt the spirit stronger than I ever have in my life! The gospel is so true and this work is amazing I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time! It can be hard at times but I know that I want to be the best missionary I can be and speak the language to the best of my ability! I don't think you would recognize me if you saw me I don't recognize myself sometimes because I'm just so different but I love it! I love you all and I hope everyone is doing well! Write me on because we get those everyday twice a day and then people will think I'm cool if I get a ton ha!
Love Sorella Barazoto!
Sorella Griffin

Temple walk with the District on Sunday

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  1. Only 8 months ago we were in the Provo MTC feeling the same way Maddy did when we joined in with the 3,000 other missionaries singing "Called to Serve". Thrilling! It only gets better Maddy!!!