November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014


So this week I learned a lot more about patience and that I need to be patient in all things that I do. I was at the hospital all week because of the thing on my back. We spent a lot of time there figuring things out it was really confusing because Italian hospitals are not very organized. But everything is okay now! I am fine! No worries! But it was just a long week and I learned that sometimes I need to slow down and maybe God has something different planned. He knows best and I know that I can trust him and I will follow and listen to his word. There are so many amazing things about this gospel but I love that I know that I am a daughter of God and that he is my Heavenly Father and loves me so much! I feel blessed everyday because of it!

So this week we had zone conference! It was amazing and all about obedience! And it sounds like a scolding but it totally wasn't! It was just an amazing conference and we talked about finding people through family history and like family search! It was full of fun roleplays and I sang the musical number! I miss singing it was really nice to do it!

The work was slow this week because we were in the hospital but we got tons of referals this week and we met a guy on the metro who seems really interested and we have an appointment with him! And we feel blessed and ready for this next week! Pray for the best! 

It's hard to put my thoughts and feelings in an email. So much happens in a week and there isn't enough time to talk about it or the right words to say. But I love what I am doing here. I see so much poverty here and I see so many people who need the light of the gospel and it makes me so feel so blessed that I know what I know and that I can share it with people and give them hope! And tell them that they are a child of God and that he loves them! God loves his children! I see it everyday! He wants the best for us! I love being a missionary! I love Italy! And I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Love Sorella Barazoto 
This is a beautiful view of the sunset! I love that I live so close to the sea!

And this is my zone! Zone Conference was so good!

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