September 29, 2014

Sept. 29, 2014

Hello friends and family!

So pretty much the whole week I was so sick I couldn't move so a lot of my week was me just lying in bed and going places feeling nauseas and sick ha! I also lost my voice for a couple of days so that was interesting...But it's all good because I feel much better! Now I'm ready to work work work and be an awesome missionary! So since I can't speak the language my companion will turn to whoever we are sitting next to and say can she practice her Italian on you ha! She uses me to talk to everyone and I'll ask questions and it's super dorky but our way of talking to everyone and then she talks and I just smile and look "cute" ha! But it's fun! I am understanding a little bit more I recognize words and sometimes even sentences but I don't get much. 

We had zone conference on Wednesday so we went into Rome and I got to see some missionaries from my MTC zone! I loved my MTC zone so much but I love my zone I have now as well! So we did lots of role playing and learning how to teach simply and with clarity it was fun and I threw up half way through but then I was fine for the rest ha! 

I love Ostia it's so cute and calm it's just outside Rome kind of like a suburb so we get the best of both worlds! Everyone here is so nice and they love Americans! This guy on the metro thought we were SO cool he kept saying that ha! I guess being an American makes me really cool! It's so funny! 

So we are both new to Ostia so we are just getting to know people and figuring out where everything is so we haven't taught anyone yet because everything we've had planned falls through plus I was sick in bed most of the time...pray this week that our plans don't fall through! 

So my companion gets more and more cool Steve Young held her as a baby! I thought that was pretty dope sick nasty (right dad?) Ha! I thought it was pretty cool! 

So church was so cool and scary and confusing! Ha! Everyone loved me and was talking to me and I was like uhhhhh non parlo italiano! But they don't care they kept talking and talking it's so funny ha! Also nobody in the entire ward can play the piano so guess who just became the ward that should be interesting considering I only know like 5 hymns I guess my sight reading will have to get better ha!

So today is like my first real pday because last one I was so sick....anyways since we are so close to the beach all the Rome missionaries are coming to us and we are going to play volleyball I am so excited there's like 17 of us! It's going to be awesome and I'm really excited ha! 

Well I'm doing well and I'm starting to feel like a real missionary I feel awkward doing things. I have to forget myself sometimes and just laugh when things aren't comfortable it's funny I just imagine the missionary off of the best 2 years (the really awkward one) and I just try to be like him ha! Not that awkward but yeah I love it here and I love the people here! It's so great and I love love love it! Being a missionary is so cool! I hope you are all doing well I miss you all! Vi voglio bene! 

Sorella Barazoto

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